Sunday Glory


Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

    – James 1:2-3


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The Many Faces of Shock

Today’s WordPress daily prompt: Shock

So many things came to mind upon seeing the daily word prompt for today.


As a veterinarian, I’ve seen lots of shock and all its many forms. There was the traumatic shock from hit by car injuries too numerous to count. It was sometimes very difficult convincing owners after their animal had been hit by a car that it was their pet’s shock that needed my urgent care and attention, not the broken humerus or broken radius or broken pelvis. Shock kills. It was imperative that the shock be treated and the animal stabilized before the broken bones and wounds could be attended to.

dog-2394600_960_720There were the many cases of hypovolemic shock from severe vomiting and diarrhea in parvo puppies. Parvovirus could hit so hard and fast that many times the puppy would die before it ever reached the veterinary clinic. I always used to say that if every dog owner could witness a case of parvo and what it does, they would not hesitate to vaccinate their dogs. It’s a horrible disease. I spent many a weekend at the clinic on my off time treating parvo cases and standing over a table giving IV fluids to little 10 lb. parvo puppies. I’m still haunted by some of their stares. Pain in their eyes and eyes who looked glazed and hollow. There is a uniqueness to the lethargy and depression that parvo brings to an animals demeanor that I never quite experienced with any other disease. Eyes that stared at me and sometimes seemed to be saying, “Just let me go, I’m not going to make it through this.”


There were cases of anaphylactic shock from bee, wasp and hornet stings or allergies to penicillin and other medicines.

photo-1501261942928-5f1a1aec5fda  Pen-strep_20-20_IMG_3235

There was neurogenic shock from severe spinal injury cases.  And cases of septic shock from severe infections.

And I remember a couple of cases of electric shock in animals who had chewed on electrical cords or birds having run-ins with electrical wires.



tourterelle-sur-un-fil-electrique-There was the time when my sister, at the age of 16, had to undergo surgery.  When she was brought back into her hospital room from recovery, a young and inexperienced nurse volunteer (in those days they were referred to as candy stripers) literally hit the panic button because she mistook the side effects from anesthesia for shock. My mother said all of  a sudden alarms were going off and medical personnel were running into my sister’s room at breakneck speed. It scared my mother so, that she fell to the floor in a dead faint.

I experienced emotional shock several years ago when a good friend of mine called me late one night to tell me our close childhood friend had been killed in a car accident. I learned how strong shock and denial could be that night because I truly believed it was all a case of mistaken identity and that my friend was alive and well just as I was alive and breathing. It wasn’t until early the next morning when her husband called and told me it was true, that I realized she really was gone. I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten over that shock.

Shock appeared again a few days ago with the unexpected death of my brother-in-law after a surgery that we were told had gone very well. Total shock. Because this wasn’t supposed to happen.

Gail ♥

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Happy Times and Old Wooden Sleds

When I see one of these, it evokes such happy childhood memories.


We had a great hill for sled riding in our old neighborhood (back in the days when we actually used to get snow). Living in the south, snow was always such a welcome treat for us kids. Our neighborhood was kid haven.

Anyone remember greasing up the runners of those old wooden sleds with Crisco shortening? I’m not so sure it made those sleds go one bit faster but we greased them up anyway.


Back in the 1970s, my family had a German Shepherd who loved to go sled riding with all the kids in the neighborhood. Baron was known to occasionally hitch a ride on the sled as we went zooming down the hill. Or sometimes, he’d just run beside the sled, barking all the way down, with the snow flying out from the runners until his coat was covered with little frozen ice crystals.  His tail never wagged so hard. I swear that dog had a smile on his face.

Happy memories…..


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Three things came to mind when seeing today’s daily prompt: Funnel.

Funnel Web Spider


I honestly don’t know much about these spiders.  Aren’t they only in Australia?  I hear their bites are extremely deadly.

Funnel Cloud


I live in Tennessee where there’s more than enough tornado activity to suit me. I’ve never seen a funnel cloud (because I’m usually hiding in a closet or basement) but I’ve sure heard them. And yes, they do sound just like a freight train.

Funnel Cake 


Definitely my favorite thing about the county fair!


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Sunday Glory



Because he bends down to listen,

I will pray as long as I have breath.

Psalm 116:2 NLT


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Words I Never Wanted to Hear

I was ecstatic when I discovered I was finally pregnant with what was to be our first child. It had taken 12 months of trying hard to conceive. Lord only knows how much money we spent on Ovulation detection kits. Month after month, there was heartache and tears when the menses appeared.

I even read this book. I read every page. Every word. 


My doctor refused to do infertility testing on me when I was beyond discouraged and in his office after 11 months of trying and repeatedly failing to get pregnant. I begged. My husband had been tested and his fertility was fine.  “Only after you’ve tried 12 months,” my Ob/Gyn said.  “Who knows…. that 12th month might just be your lucky month!”  And it was. I conceived that 12 month. I squealed, jumped for joy and wept when my home pregnancy test came back positive. The doctor confirmed the pregnancy.  I drove home feeling so happy, I thought my heart would burst.

The weeks passed and then came bleeding and severe sickness and an ultrasound. I had a bad feeling about this pregnancy. But I was assured there was a heartbeat and everything was fine. I still wasn’t convinced. I couldn’t see life on the ultrasound or anything that resembled it.

There was more bleeding and more tests. There were blood hormone levels checked and another ultrasound. Then I got the phone call with words I never wanted to hear. “The fetus you are carrying is not viable.”  And I’ve hated the word viable ever since.

Gail ♥

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Reservations About Venturing Out During Cold and Flu Season

I don’t consider myself a germophobe by any means. But I do try to be careful and take special precautions this time of year, during cold and flu season.

Does anyone else have reservations about going out in public this time of year? I sure do. I’m always careful to wash my hands frequently and I do get a flu shot most years and I try to avoid crowds at all costs. My husband rolls his eyes at me when I go to the grocery store because you can bet that yes, I AM going to stop at the cart sanitizing wipe stand. He never does. I wipe the handle of the cart, the seat (where mothers are known to put snotty-nosed babies with leaky diapers), and then I wipe my hands with a fresh wipe.


When I was in the ER two weeks ago, I had about an hour and 15 minute wait. For this hospital, that’s not really all that long of a wait unless you’re in excruciating pain from a kidney stone. I looked around the waiting room, and there were some sick, sick folks. Some looked like they might not make it. Many were lying down covered up with their coats. Many were pale and coughing and sneezing. Several had plastic emesis pans by their sides. I wanted to just sorta put myself into a germ-free bubble.



3110mHKs4OLThe nurse who called me to the back after my hour and 15 minute wait apologized profusely and told me they had just been absolutely slammed with flu cases. He told me of all his many years as a nurse, it was definitely the worse flu season he had ever seen. My doctor told me the next night that it has been a bad flu season. I was told that most of the people getting sick from the flu had taken the flu shot but it’s only about 15% effective this year. Bummer.



The past few times I’ve been out, I haven’t seen any wipes in the grocery store I most often use. The whole station is gone. What? It makes no sense why they would do away with the disinfectant stations during the peak of cold and flu season? And then I went to Walmart and their station was gone too??? I guess my husband will really roll his eyes when I bring my own cart disinfectant wipes to the grocery store next trip. But that’s what I plan to do ’cause I sure don’t plan on getting the flu on top of a kidney stone. Someone would have to shoot me.


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