Sunday Glory

I’m reading the book A Woman’s Walk With God; Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit.  I’m reading the chapter on Goodness now and saw this quote by John Wesley.


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Sunday Glory




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Things I’m Loving These Days

  1.   A Woman’s Walk With God: Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit– by Elizabeth George

I’ve just started reading this book but already I’m feeling very blessed by it.  I’ve read other books by Elizabeth George— Beautiful in God’s Eyes, A Woman After God’s Own Heart, and Loving God with All Your Mind, and I’ve loved them all.  I’m never disappointed.  I’ve also done a couple of her bible studies which I found both educational and challenging.  I love how this woman writes!  Her books are not books to read through quickly but to ponder slowly.


2.  Precious Moments Pig Figurine  

I found this little cutie at a local antique store recently.  I couldn’t pass it up for just a couple of bucks!  He’s happily sitting on my window sill with his other piggy friends.


3.  Yeti Ramblers

Have you tried these?!  Oh wow!  We were gifted with several of these and we can’t rant about them enough.  They are made of Stainless steel and have seal tight shatter-proof lids.  They really do keep your cold beverages cold and your hot beverages hot. My oldest son takes his to work.  He told me the other day he loves it because it doesn’t sweat when it’s sitting on his desk like some other metal tumblers he’s used.  My husband and I filled ours with ice and Gatorade one day and went hiking.  On the way back we stopped for some shopping.  They sat in the very hot car in the shopping center parking lot for a couple of hours on what was a very hot and humid summer day.  We were amazed that when we came out, there was still ice in both!  We were impressed.  Last winter I poured my hot tea in one and in all honestly, I finally had to remove the lid to get the tea cool enough to even be able to sip it!  These things work.  They’re a little pricey but worth every penny!  An employee at Academy Sports told me a few months ago that Yeti had come out with a 64 oz. thermos that would hold about 4 cans of hot soup.  I think they were priced at $89.



4.  Candles and Tea Lights

I simply love candles and tea lights.  I light them just about every night in my den or living room or sometimes both.  I just love the warm ambiance of candle light.  I’ve always lit a candle in the center of our dinner table when our family eats at night for as long as I can remember.  I’ve already stocked up on fall candle scents.  Can you believe that the first official day of fall is only 6 days away?




A good friend gave me this candle for my birthday that she got on a trip to Louisiana.  It has such a  pleasant Gardenia scent and it’s fragrance fills the entire room.  My husband doesn’t like strong scented candles but even he has commented on how nice this one smells!




5.  The Waltons TV Series

I grew up watching the Waltons both in high school and college.  It was one of my favorite shows.  I’ve recently started watching the series again and it has made me yearn for more wholesome, family oriented shows such as this one. We don’t see that on TV anymore these days.  I find myself as I’m going back through the entire series always just wanting to watch one more episode.  There’s just something about this show that I love and I always feel good after watching them.  I always thought it would be awesome to live on Walton’s Mountain.  They had good strong morals and they were always so hospitable and full of love.  It was a simpler time.  Not an easier time necessarily but a simpler time.  .


Gail ♥

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The Strange Things We Keep

A few days ago, while cleaning out a drawer (that was in bad need of decluttering), I came across an old item that I had long ago forgotten I had.  I looked at it and smiled.  Then I laughed.  Then I had a strange sentimental feeling of sadness come over me.  Then I began questioning my sanity as to why I kept this particular item.

The item I found  was an old pamphlet (or maybe brochure is the proper term) given to me by my mother when I was a young girl.  There is no date on this pamphlet but I’m pretty sure it was printed in the early 1960s.  The name of the pamphlet is it’s time you knew…. all about menstruation. I googled it to see if I could find a date and was shocked I actually found the darn thing on the Internet.  By the way, did you know there is a website called Museum of Menstruation & Women’s Health?  I sure didn’t.  No, I’m not kidding, there really is such a thing.  It shows this pamphlet and another edition made in 1966.  The booklet I have is all in black and white and I clearly remember the day my mother handed it to me and suggested I read it.  I was about 8 or 9.  My mother and I had already had “the talk” (that happens when you have older sisters) but I guess this booklet was her addendum.


I remember having friends whose mother’s didn’t have “the talk” with them.  I remember hearing tales of girls getting their first menstrual period and how they were unprepared and left totally in the dark to figure it all out on their own, or how they were horrified because they thought they were bleeding to death and that something was terribly wrong.  My mother told me her mother was one of those girls.  Her first menses came at a young age and her mother had not gotten around to preparing her.  She told my mother that seeing that blood really frightened her.  My mother wanted to make sure her daughters were prepared.  And so she talked to all three of us and prepared us well.  I guess I always thought my mother had the talk with me at perhaps too young an age, but in hindsight, I was glad she did because I was an early bloomer.  I guess I never really understood mothers not having that talk with their daughter simply because they were too embarrassed.

I think I probably kept this pamphlet thinking one day I would have a daughter to give it to. That daughter never came and I had two sons.  And this brochure has been tucked away in a drawer for almost 50 years.  Crazy, huh?

I got quite a laugh while reading this antiquated brochure.  After reading the first paragraph on the next to the last page, I realized how “out of date” it was.

The first commercially produced sanitary pads or napkins were marketed after World War I.  They’ve changed in size and shape, but essentially the same kind of pad is still in use today–an absorbent material held in place externally by means of a sanitary belt.

If my memory serves me correct, sanitary belts stopped being used in the early 1970s (and I remember thanking the Good Lord that I didn’t have to wear those things very long). Sanitary napkins with the adhesive strip came on the scene about that time (and what a revolution that was—Goodbye awkward and uncomfortable belt!) but that was obviously after this booklet was printed.

Finding this brochure conjured up memories of adolescence and puberty. I remember 6th grade when they separated the girls from the boys and herded the girls down to the cafeteria where we were shown a menstruation filmstrip  on the stage.  I still wonder where the boys went and what they talked about.  Did they have to watch a film also?

I remember a neighborhood girlfriend and I reading this brochure and other books on menstruation we would check out from the library.  I remember us wondering aloud why all female organs seemed to always be compared to food items– ovaries were “the size of almonds,” the uterus was about “the size of a pear” and also pear-shaped, etc.  I remember us reading about sanitary napkins marketed for young girls put out my Modess and one book describing those saying: “modess rhymes with oh yes.”  My friend and I literally still laughed at that from time to time until the day she died three years ago.  Sometimes out of the blue (it didn’t matter where we were or what we were doing, she would lean over and whisper to me, “It rhymes with oh yes!”).  That always got us laughing.  We also still laughed about the time we, as young girls, gathered up quite a collection of different brands of tampons.  We had OB tampons, Pursettes, Rely tampons and a variety of Tampax tampons —junior, regular, super and super plus absorbent, with and without applicators, plastic applicators and cardboard applicators.  We took them to her house (where she lived with her grandmother) and went promptly and quietly into the hall bathroom, locked the door behind us and proceeded to fill up the bathroom sink with water. As my friend’s grandmother knocked on the door repeatedly asking us what in the world we were doing (because she could hear our hysterical squeals of laughter), one by one, we opened the various tampons and dropped them into the basin of water.  Believe me, this little experiment of ours could have won first place at any science fair— hands down.  One tampon in particular (I think it was the  Rely brand that was taken off the market in 1980 due to Toxic Shock Syndrome), darn near exploded once it hit the water.  What was left was something that resembled a Goodyear blimp.  I’ll never forget my friend yelling, “GOOD NIGHT!  DID YOU SEE THAT?!”  And again her grandmother rapping on the bathroom door.  We laughed until our sides ached and we had tears streaming down our face.  I always wondered what my friend’s grandmother thought when she later walked into the bathroom and looked into the trashcan to find a dozen or more sopping wet blown up tampons.  Oh, the things curious little pre-pubescent girls will do!

Hard as I tried, I couldn’t throw the old menstrual brochure away which made me think I need to go running to the nearest psychologist to have my head examined.  What can I say?  I’ve always been a sentimental junkie.

Have you ever found something in a drawer and wondered why in the world you kept it?

Gail ♥

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Another Recurring Dream

I had a very vivid dream last night and when I awoke, it bothered me.  You see, I’ve had this same dream over and over.  I have no idea what it means but I realize it must have some significance because why would I keep dreaming it?

In last night’s dream, it was just prior to daybreak and the sky was becoming a beautiful canvas of colors— oranges, yellows, and purples signifying the magnificent sunrise that was soon to come.  In the dream, I remember telling myself that I don’t see enough sunrises (or sunsets for that matter) and I was determined to go inside and retrieve my camera so I could capture the beauty that I knew was on the way.  I hurry so as not to miss it.



I go inside, find my camera and hurry back outside to begin photographing.  The sun starts to rise and it is breathtaking—a real sight to behold, but every time I point the camera towards the sun, things go dark.  After a minute or two, the lovely sunset is gone and gray and black clouds loom where my once beautiful sunrise was.  Feeling defeated, I turn off my camera and head back inside.

storm-clouds-426271_960_720 In other versions of this dream, the sun is rising quickly and it’s always a lovely sight, but my camera malfunctions and I end up missing the sunrise due to trying to get my camera in working order again— changing the batteries, etc.

Maybe I’m trying to read too much into this dream.  Maybe it just signifies my desire to witness some God-given glorious sunsets on this earth before I leave it.  Maybe I’ll do that soon and see if these crazy dreams stop.

Any thoughts?  Are there any recurring dreams that you have?

Gail ♥

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Sunday Glory

For Peace Among the Nations

Almighty God our heavenly Father, guide the nations of the world into the way of justice and truth, and establish among them that peace which is the fruit of righteousness, that they may become the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

From The Book of Common Prayer


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Thinking of 9/11

It has been said that Whitney Houston performed what was possibly the best rendition ever of the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV on January 27, 1991.  Her performance that night is one of the most revered.  Yes, there were reports that it was pre-recorded and that she lip-synced the actual performance but I’m not here to argue or discuss that.   According to Wikipedia:

 Dan Klores, a spokesman for Houston, explained: “This is not a Milli Vanilli thing. She sang live, but the microphone was turned off. It was a technical decision, partially based on the noise factor.

Regardless of whether it was live or not, I have to admire her patriotism, her joy, her smile, and the fact that well, she just plain and simply nailed every note (and let’s face it—it’s a well-known fact that America’s National Anthem is an unbelievably hard song to sing).  A single was released after this performance which soared to the top of the charts making Whitney Houston the only act to turn the National Anthem into a pop hit of that magnitude.  Houston donated all her share of the proceeds to the American Red Cross Gulf Crisis Fund. It was re-released after the 9/11 attacks and it was reported that all profits were donated to the firefighters and victims of the attacks.

I love the outburst of America’s patriotism displayed in this video which was due to the fact that Desert Storm had just begun.  It gives me goosebumps.

I watch it today and I have two thoughts.  I wonder… where has all that patriotism gone?  And why does it seem to always take such a horrific tragedy to stir our patriotic spirits?



Gail ♥

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