Today’s WordPress daily prompt is:  Miniature

The first thing to come to mind upon seeing this prompt was miniature pigs.  I have calendars full of photos of them and there is only one word.  Adorable.

While I don’t own any of the real variety, I have some miniature porcelain and ceramic piggy figurines in my pig kitchen.


These were given to me by my mother-in-law and I recall her telling me they’re porcelain and very old.  She got them from her mother.  They’re so dainty! 


This little fella came from an antique store.  I saw him and couldn’t resist his cute little mischievous expression.  


These little fellas came from eBay.  When I ordered them, I actually thought they were much bigger (in the photo they appeared to be).  But they fit just perfect on the back of my stove.  


Gail ♥



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Today’s WordPress one-word prompt is Learning.

I remember in my clinical year of veterinary school when a professor told me and another group of students that being a veterinarian required a lifetime of learning.  He said it involved learning new things on a daily basis and that if we EVER felt that we had reached a point where we felt we knew all there was to know in veterinary medicine, then we should probably just quit right then and there.  Because with that attitude, our vanity was going to prevent us from becoming good practitioners.  The moral of his story? Always be willing to learn because with each new daily sunrise, come new opportunities for learning.  I never forgot that.   I believed what my professor said was true and that his words didn’t just apply to veterinary medicine, but to life itself.  I happen to believe that we’re “students” from the time we exit our mother’s womb until we take our final breath on this earth.


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I wrote a blog here about how I wanted to start memorizing scripture.  I’ve never felt memorization was something I was very good at and so I felt I needed some special instruction on how to go about it.  I googled scripture memorization and noticed a certain book that kept popping up again and again.

I decided after reading reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads that it was a book I wanted to order.  I was not familiar with the book, the author, or his writing.  The next day, I walked into a local Goodwill and imagine my surprise, when one of the first books I saw on the shelves was a copy of this book!  I don’t often feel like God is hitting me over the head and trying to tell me something, but standing in that Goodwill store, staring at that book, I was smiling to myself and feeling without a doubt that I was being led to read this book.  I bought it.

When I got home, I read the back cover in more detail and again, to my surprise, discovered the author was a resident of my hometown and is pastor of a church very close to where I grew up.  What are the chances of that happening?

I started reading the book last week and started memorizing the scriptures and I have to say, I’m loving this book.  In part one, Robert Morgan convinced me why it is beneficial to memorize scripture and made me even more eager to do so.  I don’t often feel so strongly about a book that I feel I need to contact the author, but I sent him a message online telling him how I came across his book, and how much I was loving it— that I had grown up very close to the church he was pastor at, etc.  I didn’t expect a reply from this very busy pastor, author, and speaker.   I learned from his blog that he also cares for his wife who battles Multiple Sclerosis.  But just a few hours later, I got the nicest reply from him thanking me for my note and telling me to call ahead if I ever decided to visit his church so that he could meet me.  He told me about his new book (just released) called The Strength You Need: The Twelve Great Strength Passages of the Bible (which I plan to read).  I appreciated his very kind reply.


In his 100 Bible verses book, Robert Morgan says that we are never too old to learn to memorize scripture, that our memorizers might slow down some with age but our wisdomizers speed up due to all the information we’ve previously acquired.  I feel blessed by his words and look forward to learning and memorizing these 100 scriptures.

Gail ♥

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Today’s WordPress one-word prompt is Moon.

When I saw the prompt for today, I thought of Jim Reeves, Moonlight and Roses Album.  It was one of my dad’s favorites and Jim Reeves gave him an autographed copy of the album back in the 60s.

Gail ♥

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Today’s one-word writing prompt is Ghost.

Have you ever met anyone who said they lived with a ghost?  I have.

My first year of college, my freshmen English teacher claimed to be living in a house inhabited by the ghost of a young girl.  My older sister had this same teacher and she had told me about his ghost story.  In fact, his story was so well-known around campus, that I’m quite sure there were students who signed up for his class just to hear his tales.

He kept this story very short and sweet.  He said this ghost of the girl (I seem to recall he said she appeared to be around 6-7 years old) showed up from time to time in his house.  When asked where she was spending her time when she wasn’t at his house, his reply was that he didn’t know but he assumed when she wasn’t at his house that she was in heaven.  He said she obviously had unfinished business here on earth.

This professor was asked by a student in my class if anyone else had been able to see this child?  He said some could and some couldn’t.  He told us that he had actually invited the students from one of his classes to his house and the ghost of the little girl was there, but none of the students could see her.  Not one.  I have to admit, that made me skeptical.  Someone in my class asked him how he knew it was a ghost and not just some neighbor child running in and out of his house.  His reply was that the little girl who had lived at his residence for many years, never aged.  When asked if he was afraid of her, he said he wasn’t, that she never seemed intent on harming anyone.  She came and went as she pleased and to him, she seemed like a normal little girl.  I can’t recall if he ever said he had a conversation with her or not or if he was ever able to ask her any questions.

It’s been 39 years since I enrolled in that freshmen English class and I have to say, I’m still a little skeptical about his ghost story.  Even though I couldn’t even tell you the professor’s name now, I will always remember his ghost story.

Gail ♥

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Sunday Glory

Gives me goose bumps and brings tears every time I hear this!

Gail ♥

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Happy Anniversary

Today I got a Happy Anniversary message from WordPress.  I can hardly believe that six years ago today I wrote my first blog post.  After six years, I still enjoy posting on this blog very much, although I wish I could post more often.  I can’t say that it’s a discipline problem causing me to not post as frequently as I’d like  (I have great intentions and a strong desire to write). It’s  more of a “writer’s block” problem.  But I plan to keep at it,  and keep trying to develop some writing skills.   I recently read the book, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott.  She had some interesting advice and I learned a few things.  I hope to put these things to use soon and I also have some more books on writing lined up to read.

Thanks to WordPress and all who read Moonlight Reflections and to those who take the time to leave comments which always mean so much.  I’ve learned a lot in the past 6 years and hope to continue learning on my writing journey.



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Those who know me know I love pigs.  I’ve collected pig figurines since I was in college. My kitchen is peppered all throughout with those pigs.  Most are very dear to me.  I’ve purchased many of them myself— some at yard sales, some on eBay, and some in stores.  Many have been sweet gifts from friends and family.  I treasure them all.

One of our cats, Nugget, is a jumper.  We broke him from jumping on the kitchen counters when he was a kitten.  But here, two years later, he’s forgotten his good manners and occasionally he jumps.   Lately, we’ve caught him jumping  up on the top-level of a 2 tiered shelf in our kitchen where I keep many of the pigs I’ve collected over the years.  I can’t seem to break him from this and quite honestly, I can’t fathom how he even accomplishes this little acrobatic feat of his but he does.  This shelf is high!  I’ve seen him do it with my own eyes.  Nugget is quite agile and seems to defy gravity sometimes.





A few months ago, as my husband sat at the kitchen table enjoying his morning bowl of cereal and reading the newspaper, there was a loud crash behind him which caused him to duck and want to run for cover.  He turned around to see Nugget on the top kitchen shelf (again!) and the shattered remains of a rather large resin pig scattered across the kitchen floor.  This was a pig I had bought back in 2005 at The Apple Barn Store.  My husband mistakenly thought this was a much beloved pig I had acquired from my dearly departed mother, but the pig he was thinking about (a Royal Copley Farmer Pig bank) sat on the opposite end of this shelf and was unharmed.  My husband dreaded telling me that my beloved pig had met its demise in this way.  So he was somewhat relieved when I informed him that the smashed pig wasn’t the antique treasure I had acquired from my mother.


My loving husband offered to glue the busted piggy back together for me but I told him no—that there were too many pieces and even after it was glued, there would be far too many gaps.   I told him I would just put the pig in the garbage, mumbling something under my breath about how my pig collection was getting a little out of hand anyway and taking over the kitchen, and how I had been meaning to cull some of the pigs anyway.  But three weeks later, that broken swine still sat on my kitchen counter and for some reason I struggled to pick up the broken pieces and toss them in the trash can. It’s not because it was one of my favorite pigs or that I was attached to this particular pig.  I wasn’t.


Several weeks after the fatal pig crash, I was standing at the stove stirring a pot of green beans for dinner.  As I stirred, I stared at the busted up pig all sprawled out across my kitchen counter and entered deep contemplation of why I just had not been able to throw that busted up pig away.  There had to be some reason I was missing.  Then it came to me.  I decided it was because on the days leading up to the pig breaking,  I had felt like that pig—broken and scattered with pieces of me also missing.  I had hoped that something or someone, maybe even God, could “fix” me and not just discard me. Some days I felt so busted and flawed and worried that maybe, just maybe, that I wasn’t worth trying to fix.  And if someone did try to “glue” me back together, there would be far too many missing pieces— too many gaps.

As much as I hate to admit it, I felt at the time that God must surely be looking down at me, shaking his head and saying, “Why bother… She’s too broken to try to fix,” before moving on to someone more deserving of His time.  There were far too many days that I didn’t feel worthy to even go before Him, to even kneel in His presence.  I told God that too. Day after day I pray for God’s help and day after day I sin.  I vow to control my tongue, to not talk so much, to speak kinder words, to be more compassionate,  more patient, and to help others.  But then before you know it, the venom’s spewing from my mouth like an angry rattlesnake,  I’m whining and complaining again, I’m judging others or being hypocritical.   Or even though I vowed to not gossip again, I do.  Or instead of thinking kind and loving thoughts, I criticize.   I wonder if I’ll EVER get it right!  Some days I think I’m always going to be like this busted up, sprawling, broken pig.

And then there’s the clearer times when I see the truth.  The truth that there is not a single person on this planet who ISN’T broken. We live in a broken world where people hurt other people instead of choosing to show love.  People speak out of anger.  People criticize and words hurt.  There is evil everywhere in this world.  Yeah, I’d say that sometimes the whole busted up world is looking a whole lot like the pig on my counter.  I sometimes wonder…. Can it be fixed? Some days I just want this whole crazy whirling blue earth of ours to just stop spinning long enough so I can climb right off.

I’ve heard it said more than once that sometimes it takes us feeling busted and broken and brought down to our knees… maybe even curled up in a fetal ball on the bathroom floor wracked with sobs before we totally surrender to the God who loves us with a love so amazing  we can’t even fathom or comprehend it.  A God who IS love.  A God who loves us so much that He sent His own son to suffer and die for our sins so that we could be saved from death.  It takes us being broken and cracked so that His light can shine through our brokenness.  And it’s that light that gives us all hope.  If we allow that light to shine, the darkness will disappear.

I’ve learned that while I am on this earth, that I will continually be a “work  in progress.”  Yes, I am most definitely broken and I will continue to stumble and to sin. Because I am a created human being and not God, I will never become Christ, but hopefully, as my journey on this earth continues, I will move toward becoming like Christ. I can’t do that on my own, but with God’s help I can. God does not expect perfection in me.  It took me a long time to believe this and okay I’ll admit that this perfectionism thing is something I still struggle with from time to time.   I do know this.  God will not just throw me away (like I finally threw away the busted-up pig).  This Christlike transformation which began at my salvation, will continue throughout my entire earthly life.

God will never, EVER abandon what he starts.

Isn’t it funny the lessons that can be learned from a cat knocking over a resin pig figurine?🙂

Gail ♥


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