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A Souvenir From Illinois…. Keeping Dan Fogelberg’s Sermon Alive

I just returned from an incredible few days in Peoria, Illinois.  I went there with my two sisters for a Dan Fogelberg Memorial Dedication weekend celebration (see earlier post – Three Sisters and an Unbroken Promise).   I have always liked Dan Fogelberg’s music, but I have … Continue reading

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Motivation, you elude me

I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation lately.  What motivates some people and not others to complete certain tasks?   I’ve especially been wondering how motivation is related to weight loss.  You see, I vowed that 2010 was going to be … Continue reading

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Three sisters and an unbroken promise

I am the youngest of three girls in my family.  The baby.  My parents had three girls all within three years.  My mother was told she would never be able to have children.  She had a retroverted uterus (a tipped or tilted uterus) … Continue reading

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For the Love of Pigs

I have always loved pigs.  I could never resist their cuteness… and the funny little snorts and grunts they make.  When I was a teenager, I applied for a job as an animal keeper in the petting zoo at Opryland Theme Park.  I wanted that … Continue reading

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Recipe for Chocolate Graham Squares

My husband says these are to die for.  Very easy to make and they are always a hit at parties, church potlucks, holidays, etc.   Kids love ’em!  So here’s the recipe.  Get ready to smile!           Chocolate Graham Squares         2 cups … Continue reading

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Meteor showers and memories

I always love this time of year when we have the privilege of viewing the annual Perseid Meteor Showers.  They peak every year in August.  The origin of the Perseid’s is the comet Swift-Tuttle.  The tail of Swift-Tuttle intersects Earth’s orbit every August.  … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Well, I can’t say starting this blog was easy for me.  It’s something I have wanted to do for a very long time but being the perfectionist and procrastinator that I am (those two do go hand in hand don’t … Continue reading

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