Recipe for Jean’s Jiffy Banana Pudding


I have had a craving for banana pudding the past few days and finally made some today.  This is the best recipe for banana pudding I have ever made.  I cut it out of a magazine when I was a teenager (probably Good Housekeeping) and filed it away in my recipe box where it has been for years.  I only make it about 2-3 times a year.  Not sure why I don’t make it more often as it is always a hit with the family.  It’s very smooth and creamy.  I put it in my clear trifle bowl and it makes a pretty dish.  Hope you like it!          

Jean’s Jiffy Banana Pudding          

This luscious banana pudding only takes an instant to make.  It’s a good thing.  It goes just as fast.          

  2 boxes vanilla instant pudding mix (small boxes)          

  3 cups milk          

  1 large container whipped topping (12 oz.)          

  1 8-oz. container sour cream          

  1 box vanilla wafers          

  6 large bananas          

  Fold, don’t beat, the first four ingredients together.  Layer vanilla wafers, bananas and pudding mixture.  Sprinkle crumbled wafers on top.  Eat and enjoy!          




Jean's Jiffy Banana Pudding


I think I’m off to go sample a bowl of that pudding now and see what the hubby thinks.  Let me know what you think!          

Gail ♥          


About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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4 Responses to Recipe for Jean’s Jiffy Banana Pudding

  1. Gail Alexander Oakes says:

    I also make a similar banana pudding recipe. You’re right. It’s so easy and so good!

    • Gail says:

      It is very easy to make. And I love how creamy it is…. not sure if it is the sour cream that makes it like that or what, but it is so good! Thanks for stopping by Gail!

  2. Happy Home Fairy says:

    I love banana pudding too! Here is another AWESOME recipe with a twist!

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