Welcome Autumn!

Even though Autumn is officially here, I am finding it a little difficult to write a post about my favorite season of the year because as I type this, it is 95° outside and humid as all get out.  As a matter of fact, this whole past week has been extremely humid with temps in the mid to upper 90s.  Most of our summer has been that way it seems and it has reminded me once again why I love fall and winter so much.  It’s not that I hate summer.  I don’t.  I just don’t deal with heat and humidity well.  So even though it may not feel like fall at the moment, we can always hope that it won’t be long!  I always feel somewhat of a nostalgia this time of year.  I can’t explain it or why it’s there.  It sounds silly to say I love this time of year, yet at the same time, there is always this sadness that stays with me, not wanting to budge.  I know… it’s crazy.  I’m still not quite sure what the sadness is all about, but it’s there.  It’s a sadness planted deep inside of me.  Maybe it’s the “dying” of summer life… the witnessing of summer’s last big hurrah.   Maybe it’s knowing that winter’s icy blast will soon be among us.  Maybe it’s the shorter days and the decrease in sunshine that bring a sort of gray bleakness to the world.  It’s just so hard to explain when I don’t understand it myself.  It only takes a little chill in the air and the trigger of stores setting out Halloween decorations that does it for me.  Every.  Single.  Year.  It’s downright confusing for me because like I said, I have always loved this time of year.  I wish someone could explain it to me. 

Enough of the sadness talk!  Here are my favorite things about this time of the year.  

  1. The beautiful colors – the reds, yellows, oranges, purples, greens and browns  
  2. The falling leaves.  They’re pretty when they change colors and then they’re fun to crunch around in when they’re on the ground
  3. Scenic drives  
  4. Raking leaves
  5. Jumping in raked up leaves  
  6. That chill in the air
  7. Fall festivals
  8. Getting to sleep with the windows open
  9. Listening to the crickets  when you’re laying in bed at night with the windows open 
  10. Pumpkin Patches
  11. Pumpkins and other colorful gourds
  12. Picking that Perfect Pumpkin
  13. Carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns  
  14. Pumpkin bread….. probably the #1 reason I always gain weight this time of year, but I’m determined to keep that under control this year!
  15. Pumpkin pie
  16. Pumpkin butter
  17. Scarecrows… who can resist them?
  18. Halloween.  Many happy Halloween memories from my childhood and when my boys were little.  And yes, I still decorate my house to the hilt!
  19. Seeing the excitement on a child’s face on Halloween 
  20. Dressing up
  21. The start of candy season (not a good thing for me these days). 
  22. Yummy Candy Corn (again, NOT a good thing for me).
  23. Football games
  24. Marching band season (something only a band nerd would understand).
  25. Apples 
  26. Apple orchards and picking apples  
  27. Apple Cider
  28. Caramel apples
  29. Candied apples
  30. Bobbing for apples
  31. Hay stacks
  32. Hay rides
  33. Corn field mazes
  34. Indian Corn
  35. Corn Stalks
  36. Bonfires
  37. Roasting marshmallows
  38. S’mores
  39. Roasting hotdogs
  40. Harvest time
  41. Thanksgiving
  42. Blessings
  43. Being thankful for those blessings
  44. Being with family
  45. Turkey, dressing, and all the fixin’s!!!
  46. Beautiful orange moons
  47. Pumpkin pie (oh, did I mention that one already)?
  48. IHOP’s pumpkin pancakes – gotta have them at least once a season!
  49. Dairy Queen’s pumpkin blizzards – willpower, willpower!!!
  50. Krispy Kreme’s pumpkin spice donuts – love ’em but off-limits this year 😦
  51. Crackling fireplaces
  52. Spiced tea
  53. Warm coffee on a cold morning
  54. Soup and chili season!
  55. Warm sweaters
  56. Deep blue skies
  57. Family hikes through the woods

What’s your favorite thing about this season?  


Gail ♥

About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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