Monday’s Question?

Monday’s Question today is a multi-part question.  Hope to get lots of comments on this one!  Let me know your thoughts.

How do you feel about housework?  What motivates you to do housework when you’re not feeling in the mood to do it?  What’s your least favorite household chore? 

I loathe cleaning house.  Hate it.  Despise it.  Dread it.  Procrastinate about it.  Hate that it is never finished… that it is always unraveling.  My mother was the same way and she was the first to admit it.  I guess I inherited her housekeeping genes.  Both my sisters have very clean houses.  Unfortunately, the only thing that motivates me to do housework is when I know someone is coming over.  Yeah, I know, that’s pretty bad.  But it’s the truth!  My least favorite household chore is cleaning mini blinds.  Dusting is a close second.  I can’t think of anything I despise worse than cleaning mini blinds. 

I wish I wasn’t like this.  I desperately want a clean organized house.  I wish I liked housework.  I wish I could put the energy I spend agonizing over cleaning my house into actually cleaning it.  Sometimes I just feel that life is too short to clean all the time and I think that is what I would be doing in order to get this house the way I want it.  I love the quote I read once that said, “Housework, if done right, will kill you.”  That’s the truth!  I’ve always wondered why it is actually fun to clean someone elses house but not your own?  At least it is for me.  Housework/cleaning is a source of much angst in my life.  I have every book known to man on decluttering, organizing and cleaning.  And I  have read them all.  I visit frequently.  Subscribed to her site once but quickly unsubscribed due to the number of e-mails I was getting.  That in itself was overwhelming.   I could have easily spent hours a day just reading her e-mails.  Every year I think this is going to be the year I get this house decluttered, organized and clean, but it never happens.  As 2010 comes to a close, it saddens me that another year has gone by and I haven’t accomplished my goals on getting this house whipped into shape.  Most of the time when I try to get started, I get overwhelmed with it all pretty quickly and end up never finishing.  I stand back and look around and wonder, where in the world do I start?

Well, that’s my confession.  Whew!  It’s not always easy talking about our faults is it?   

Gail ♥

About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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4 Responses to Monday’s Question?

  1. Paula says:

    How do I feel about housework? It’s something that has to be done frequently or my house gets out of order quickly. I try to schedule days of the week where I do certain chores. HA! I laughed out loud when you said your sisters’ had clean houses. Maybe you were talking about our oldest sister! What motivates me? Same as you, when I know someone is coming over I start cleaning. I despise a dirty house and I try to keep things picked up but sometimes that doesn’t always happen. I spent last week-end cleaning and I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when my house is clean. I always listen to music when I clean. It puts me in the mood and helps me to get motivated. My least favorite chore is cleaning the shower and bathtub. YUK! I hate that job. My favorite chore is doing laundry. Nothing like having fresh smelling clean clothes!

    • Gail says:

      Paula, your house always looks spotless! I despise a dirty house too. I despise a messy house too, but oh well! Ha! Yep, cleaning bathrubs and showers is no fun. I think you are the only person I know who likes laundry! Remember how mother hated ironing? She used to say that hell to her would be having to stand over an ironing board all day! Remember that?

  2. Teresa says:

    Hmmm…I am wondering if your mother gave me up for adoption because I am just like you, Gail! I hate housecleaning. Ask Robb. I just can’t get motivated to do it unless someone is coming over or we’re having a party. Seems like a big waste of time to clean it and it just get all dirty again, right? With a 4-year old, we are in a constant state of clutter and when things are nice and neat, it just takes an hour and we’re messy all over again. My least favorite thing to do is clean the bathtubs. I like cleaning the glass doors and tabletops. Its nice to see a squeaky clean piece of glass, at least for a little while until little fingerprints mess them all up again. 🙂

    • Gail says:

      Cleaning a house with a 4-year-old is difficult to say the least! I feel your pain Teresa! I used to have a comic on my refrigerator (I think it was Marvin) that said, “Cleaning house while your kids are awake is like brushing your teeth in the middle of eating an oreo cookie!” Isn’t that the truth!

      I’ve often wondered if the solution is having houseguests once a week! Maybe that way my house would stay reasonably clean! Ha!

      Thanks for coming here to comment Teresa.

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