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Monday’s Question

Question:  What store would you like to see come to your town?  My Answer:  I would love to have an IKEA store.  Heard really good things about them.  Gail ♥

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Recipe for JELL-O Dirt Cups – A Great Earth Day Treat!

Jell-O Dirt Cup. I use 9 oz. plastic cups. I was a room mother just about every year that my sons were in elementary school.  One year on Earth day when my oldest was in 2nd or 3rd grade, one of … Continue reading

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Anticipating the Empty Nest

  My youngest starts college in the fall.  I can’t believe it.  There are so many mixed feelings that go along with this big milestone.  There is joy and sadness, anticipation and excitement, and fear.  Sometimes I get a little weepy when … Continue reading

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Monday’s Question

Question:  What movie always makes you cry? My Answer:  Seabiscuit.  I have watched it 4 times and have ended up sobbing every time.      Gail ♥

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Monday’s Question

I know I said last week that I was discontinuing Monday’s Question, but I have since had some suggestions for questions that I will use.  So here we go! Question:  What game show would you most like to be a … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung!

I love winter – it being one of my favorite seasons just behind fall.  But even to me, it seemed winter lasted a lot longer than “usual” this year. We had more snow here in the southeast than I can remember having … Continue reading

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Monday’s Question

This will probably be the last Monday’s Question as I am all out of ideas for questions!!!!  Question:  If you could spend one month anywhere you wanted to and money was no object, where would you spend it?  My answer:  … Continue reading

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Five Simple Cleaning Tips

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the best housecleaner.  I just think there is better and more important things to do in life than clean house all the time.  Wasn’t it Erma Bombeck who said something like, “Housework if … Continue reading

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