Ramblings From the Past Month…. or so

About a month and a half ago, I went on a huge decluttering rampage.  I was plain and simply sick of the clutter.  I constantly am amazed at how much “stuff” a family of four accumulates in such a short amount of time.  I was determined to do one decluttering/cleaning project a day and keep an account of it on this blog.  I thought it would motivate me to continue on.  Well, as you can tell (if you are a regular reader of this blog) that this plan of mine hasn’t happened.  I was determined to start the decluttering process on my basement in June.  That didn’t happen either.  And here’s why.  Not to make excuses, but life has been busy and I have been sick.  Sick for over a month now.  It started with a bad cold and went into bronchitis.  Worse cough I’ve ever had.  I’m on my second round of antibiotics, and now on a heavy dose of prednisone (which I don’t seem to tolerate well at all).  I can’t sleep when I’m on prednisone (which is why I’m up at 3:30 am blogging) and my heart races and becomes irregular.  I eat the house down when I’m on the stuff (and that’s not good since I’m already struggling with weight issues). I feel anxious and often down right agitated when I’m on it.  I have been weepy over the least little thing.  But I’m desperate for this coughing to stop so I’m continuing on with the prednisone since one round of antibiotics, multiple over-the-counter cough syrups have failed, antihistamines, and several days of Mucinex DM have done nothing.  Besides the cough, I have felt very tired and rundown.  There have been days when I have absolutely been knocked flat on my back.  I’ve had no energy.  And I’m itchy so I’m taking benadryl both for the itching and to help me sleep.  Yep, this little bug has been no fun at all and I’m ready to get over this crud.  I guess all bloggers have the right to whine on their blog, but I honestly try not to do that.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job of NOT going there.  But I haven’t felt this bad in a long while and it’s made me terribly irritable and the prednisone is NOT helping.  I feel bloated and fatter than I’ve ever felt before, and tonight when I looked in the mirror, I actually am starting to see that moon-face of someone who has been on Prednisone staring back at me.  Really.  I was amazed.  Can it happen that quickly (I’m on day 8 of a 12-day regimen)?  This made me REALLY weepy because I’ve tried pretty hard since the first of the year to shed some weight and I do believe I’ve gained every single pound back that I lost.  I can’t begin to describe the frustration I’m feeling, knowing that I’m right back at square one after ALL my hard work.   

We’re having a heat wave in this part of the southeast.  We’ve had multiple days of 100°  weather with heat indexes well over 100°  I think one day our heat index made it to 114°! Ugh!  It’s been miserable with a capital M.  It’s hard to breathe when it’s hot and humid like this (especially when one is getting over bronchitis).  Just walking outside feels like you are walking into an oven with the heat just slapping you in the face.  A short trip to the mailbox and back leaves me soaking wet.  People laugh about the “validity” of global warming, but I’m telling you, I don’t remember having hot summers like this when I was a kid.  I don’t think we did.  They’re definitely getting hotter and our winters here in the southeast are definitely milder with much less snow.  We had “real” snows here when I was a kid.  Snows where we could actually make snow cream and sled ride for days and build snowmen and snow igloos.  We rarely get snows like that now.  Now we’re lucky to get snow that barely dusts the ground.  My sons  grew up not really knowing what it was like to ride sleds in the winter or make snow cream (not that I would feel safe eating snow cream anymore, but you sure have to have more than a light dusting to make it). That makes me sad.  And I had to laugh the other day as I was reading a blog from somewhere in Minnesota.  It most definitely was an unusually long and hard winter for Minnesotans this year (I know because I have a good friend who resides there and we compare our weather stories constantly).   Anyway, this blogger was complaining about how hot it is now that summer finally had decided to make an appearance there.  I think this particular day it was 90 degrees in Minnesota.  Ninety degrees would be pretty darn comfortable to me now!  Especially 90 degrees without this kind of humidity.  Someone commented on their blog (obviously a southerner) that they didn’t know the true definition of the word “hot” just as we don’t know the true meaning of “cold” like they do.  I chuckled when I read the blog and wondered why we as humans have a tendency to always complain about the weather!!  I admit I’m as guilty as anybody.  Is it just a conversation starter?  Does it just give us something to do?  Or do we as humans just HAVE to have something to complain about?  I’ve said many times before, we can’t change the weather, so we may as well accept it and move on.  Yes, I know… I definitely need to take my own advice here!   

Okay, enough whining.  The good news is that my cough is better today.  I’ve hardly coughed at all (knocks on wood).  I think I’ll feel better in a few days when I’m off this prednisone and able to sleep again. 

In other news, my baby boy graduated from high school on June 3rd.  I’m so proud of him.  We move him into his college dorm next month (sniff, sniff).  We recently attended his 2 day college orientation and he LOVED it which made his dad and me smile.  I’m not seeing much of him these days as he’s rarely home.  In fact, he’s in Texas now.  But they warned us about this at his orientation.  They were very clear in telling the parents that our soon-to-be college kids would be wanting to spend these last few weeks of summer with their friends and it was important that we LET THEM DO JUST THAT.  So that’s exactly what we’re doing.   And that’s okay.  He does need to spend this time with his high school friends that he will have little to no contact with when he goes away to college.  I’m just trying to savor the times I have with him this last month before he leaves.  

Our family had a nice 4th of July.  We invited all my family and my husband’s family as well as some friends and neighbors over to celebrate with our annual potluck picnic.  We supplied the barbecue, hotdogs, drinks, homemade ice cream, and my annual tradition of red white and blue jello cups.  Everyone else brought a dish or dessert to share.  It was wonderful and as usual we had entirely too much food!  I was stuffed!  As much as I love to celebrate the 4th with family and friends and have people to my house, I stress over it in a big way.  I want my house perfect and spotless and that rarely happens, because I’m just not a very organized housekeeper and to be blatantly honest, I despise cleaning house.  I’m a perfectionist and it’s never good enough.  So I clean what rooms I can and usually end up shutting doors to the bedroom or two that didn’t get cleaned.  But I love to decorate for the 4th and I hang red white and blue lights on my deck and decorate the tables with red white and blue tablecloths and centerpieces, and display flag lights and other decorations.  It’s fun.  And my husband makes the best homemade ice cream ever.  This year he made vanilla and strawberry (last year it was vanilla and peach).  I don’t EVEN want to get on the scales anytime soon.  Take my word for it…. prednisone and homemade ice cream are not a good mix!  All in all it was a splendid celebration and I’m glad I hosted it again this year.  My house is now a tad cleaner and I’m perhaps a little more motivated to get those couple of bedrooms done now.  But mostly I enjoyed celebrating this wonderful patriotic holiday with those that I love and hold dear to my heart.  That’s what truly matters.  A few of our neighbors went in together on fireworks and boy what a show they provided.  They were simply gorgeous. 

July 11th was my hubby’s birthday.  He was born 6 days before I was born.  So for 6 days, I like to give him a hard time and tease him about the fact that I’m married to an older man.  🙂  He was adamant that I NOT get him a cake this year as we just now got all the desserts from the 4th cleared out of the house and neither of us need birthday cake.  It’s the first year I don’t want a cake either.  Is this what happens in your 50s? 

So that’s my ramblings and whining from the past month or so.  Hopefully, I’m over the worst of this bronchitis and my decluttering rampage will soon start-up again.  I hope so.  Thanks for listening to my prednisone rantings!  I will say it again.   I CAN’T WAIT TO GET OFF OF THIS STUFF!


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I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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2 Responses to Ramblings From the Past Month…. or so

  1. I now what’s it like on prednisone and medically helpful, has bad side effects like moon fascies, weight gain , immunosupression, bone loss, high sugar, mood swings, insomnia, etc. I had a bad asthma in childhood and I was on it several times. I get a shot once a year for allergies. You have every right to ramble about. As for decluttering, that’s one hard task all of us have to face sooner or later. thanks for the visit. great post.

    • Gail says:

      Thank you so much. It IS unfortunate that prednisone, which can be so medically beneficial to some who suffer with some pretty terrible diseases, has some pretty horrific side effects. My mother had severe osteoarthritis in her later years that caused her a great deal of pain, as well as the worst case of psoriasis I think any doctor had ever seen. She always said prednisone was the ONLY thing that gave her good relief. She always commented that she never felt better than when on prednisone and that her house was never cleaner (unfortunately I haven’t had that benefit)! She also used to say when on prednisone, that she felt as if she could take on anybody who challenged her to a duel! It gave her incredible energy but sure wasn’t good for her blood sugar!

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