Monday’s Question

I haven’t done a Monday’s Question in a while.  If you choose to play along, just leave your answer in the comment section below.

Question:  What are five unusual things about yourself or five things people probably don’t know about you?  

My Answer:   

  1. I hate to sew but love to suture.  My grandmother tried to teach me how to sew when I was around 6 or 7 years old.  My biggest memory of  those times is that she wasn’t very patient with me and I wasn’t very good at it at all.  I didn’t enjoy it either. So now I cringe when I have to do the most minor of sewing tasks, like sewing a button on.  Sewing cloth or material makes me very frustrated.  Suturing (animal skin) is a different thing all together and learning to suture was one of my most favorite skills to learn while in veterinary school.  I practiced on pig’s feet (the kind you get from the butcher at the grocery store- no live pigs).  I also practiced learning the  many different suture patterns on a large square of foam rubber which remarkably was similar to suturing skin.  I love suturing and find it quite peaceful and rewarding.  But hand me a piece of material or an article of clothing to sew, and watch my blood pressure soar!!  
  2. I love bats and find them fascinating creatures.  I’m an advocate for them because they really do get a bad rap.  Bats are some of the most beneficial creatures for our ecosystem and they are truly amazing creatures to study.  I enjoy educating people about bats and especially dispelling the myths surrounding them.
  3. I have this secret fantasy about one day getting to hold one of the large megabats (see #2)–  The flying fox bats with the wingspans of 6 ft.  I just think that would be the coolest. thing. ever.  While I’m on the subject of revealing secret fantasies, I also dream of one day meeting Merlin Tuttle, world-renowned bat conservationist and bat photographer.  It will probably never happen, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.   Yeah, I know…. most people fantasize about meeting their favorite movie star or celebrity.  I fantasize about meeting a bat guy.  🙂
  4. I hate to drive.  You won’t catch me on an interstate unless I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to be on an interstate.  Driving on an interstate wreaks havoc on my nerves.
  5. I don’t text and don’t even have texting capabilities.  I wouldn’t know the first thing about sending a text.  I rarely if ever use my cell  phone which is the most basic of basic cell phone (Verizon hates me I’m sure).  It does not have the capability to even take pictures.  People think it is so strange when I tell them I don’t text.  In general, I do not like talking on cell phones.  To me, they’re difficult to hear on and everyone’s voice sounds garbled on them.  I avoid them if at all possible and still use mine pretty much for emergencies only and for talking to my sons at college (but even then I STILL have trouble hearing on them.  Is there anyone else on the planet who feels the same way about cell phones, or is it just me?

What about you?  What are five unusual things people probably don’t know about you?

Gail ♥


About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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4 Responses to Monday’s Question

  1. TrishaDM says:

    I really don’t like suturing or sewing, but feel accomplished when I do either. Like you, I learned to suture with pig feet and rubber things that simulate skin. I learned to sew in cadets (after both of my grandmothers lost patience in trying to teach me at a younger age).

    • Gail says:

      I think I did get my sewing badge in girl scouts, but I despised working on that badge. We made sock monkeys as well as I remember. It should have been fun, but something happens to me when I hold a needle and thread and I usually get in a very bad mood! My grandmother (the one who unsuccessfully tried to teach me how to sew) once gave me a sewing box. I guess she thought I would learn to love it (sewing). I never used that sewing box one single time!

  2. Nicole says:

    I love your responses. Great job. To let you know a little bit about me, here are my 5:
    1.) I loved to play soccer (I don’t anymore after I had foot surgery). I was on 3 teams at one time and got a soccer scholarship for college.
    2.) I hate mushrooms and olives. I think they taste gross, like dirt.
    3.) I love helping people, especially when we get trauma’s in the emergency room. I always help do compression’s and see how well I can handle the situation. It feels good when we save lives.
    4.) When I was younger, Leonardo was my favorite Ninja Turtle, only because I liked the color blue.
    5.) I have to agree with you on I hate driving. I will when I need to but it’s not my favorite thing to do. I always avoid the interstate unless I have to go on it. Back roads for me, all the way.

    • Gail says:

      Thanks for the great responses Nicole. Nice to meet you!

      I hate mushrooms too. I like black olives but despise the green pimento olives.

      I think there’s a lot of people out there like us who hate driving on the interstate!

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