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Monday’s Question

Question:  It’s the last day of March.  What are a few things you learned this month? My Answer: I’ve never liked or cared to fly but I really, really, really don’t EVER care to fly again. How can a Boeing … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

In this week’s photo challenge, we are to depict the word reflection.  This photo of my cat Bigfoot, shows (through his reflective retinas) how he was “reflecting” on where his next meal was coming from.  And no, we did not … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Linger

Today’s daily prompt:  Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever? I … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: I Believe

Today’s daily prompt:  For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false. Three things I believe in my heart to be … Continue reading

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When Grief, Mourning, and Tragedy Are Making it Hard To Cope

She wakes up with a jolt, sits straight up in bed after just having had a vivid dream that disturbs her greatly.  In the dream, she is standing in front of an opening elevator door waiting and expecting her sister … Continue reading

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