Things I’m Loving These Days

1. The season of autumn and autumn decorations.

I have always loved fall.  And I love to decorate my house (inside and out) with fall decorations.  Recently, my husband and I went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a popular vacation resort that rests on the border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  If you’ve never visited the Smoky Mountains, add it to your list of places to see.  It is absolutely beautiful, especially in late October when the leaves are at their peak of fall color.  I love walking in Gatlinburg, shopping in the stores, and seeing all the fall decorations.

rake scarecrow- Gatlinburg, TN

close-up of rake scarecrow- Gatlinburg, TN

fall doorway decs at candle shop in Gatlinburg


2.  My new owl bracelet

This was a gift given to me by my sister just a few days ago.  I love owls and I really love this bracelet!  It’s perfect for fall!

owl bracelet

3.  The One Year Bible (NLT)

I’ve recently started perusing this bible.  Thanks Ann Voskamp (and your lovely blog) for the suggestion.

The One Year Bible

4.  A new bear decoration for our black bear-themed den.

When my husband and I go to Gatlinburg, TN, we always joke that we’re “on a bear hunt.” Most of the black bear decor we have in our den came from the shops in Gatlinburg.  I have very happy memories of my parents taking me and my two sisters when we were little girls to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and seeing black bears.  Everywhere. Back then, trash cans were not bear proof and we often saw bears at picnic areas.  It’s not like that now.  When our sons were younger, my husband and I also took them to Gatlinburg, and seeing the black bears (mostly at our hotel!) was the highlight of our trips. My husband and I are both loving this resin (but designed to look carved) black bear head. We hung it above a doorway in our den and it just fit right in.

Bear face wall decor

5.  Bears on Log print by Marianne Caroselli

Nine years ago, I bought a 16 x 20 print called Bears on Log by artist Marianne Caroselli in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (which is 5 miles north of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park).  I just absolutely adored it and I had it framed and alternated displaying it above my mantle with another bear picture.  I always got a lot of compliments on this picture.  Unfortunately, one day when it was not hanging but leaned up against our hearth, we had a leak in the chimney and water leaked behind the glass on this picture and ruined it.  The framer tried hard to carefully remove the picture that was warped and stuck to the glass but it couldn’t be saved.  I was sick.  I got on-line and tried to find another print but all I could find was the 10 x 8 size.  I searched for years.  I even contacted the artist, Marianne Caroselli, who was so nice and gracious to try to help me find another, but she had no luck  either.  She apologized and told me she was no longer painting, only doing sculpting work.  She gave me the names of all her distributors but I struck out in finding another 16 x 20.

So imagine how surprised I was last week on our trip to Gatlinburg when we found the same store in Pigeon Forge  that we had purchased our other Bears on Log print nine years ago, and there on the wall on display was this:

Bears on Log- By Marianne Caroselli

I was ecstatic!  I can’t wait to get this hung above my mantle again but am thinking I will re-frame it in the old frame I had.  There’s just something about this picture that makes me smile.

Gail ♥

About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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2 Responses to Things I’m Loving These Days

  1. I just love the doorway with all the orange ribbon. How wonderful about the painting, Gail ❤

    • Gail says:

      Thanks Michelle. I love that doorway too with that beautiful mesh ribbon. Very creative, huh? It had leaf garland and white lights also which just made it pop out.

      I was just thrilled to find my Bears on Log print! It was a very pleasant surprise as I didn’t have any expectations of ever finding it again so wasn’t even looking for it on this trip!

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