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Things I learned in 2014

It’s hard to believe that 2014 is coming to an end very soon.  I thought I would sit down and make a list of what I learned (or relearned) this year.  It’s certainly not a comprehensive list by any means, … Continue reading

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Same Auld Lang Syne

I sleep with a radio on most nights (when my husband doesn’t have the sound machine on) and have it on a station now that plays only Christmas music.  This morning I awoke to Dan Fogelberg’s  Same Auld Lang Syne. … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

This week’s weekly photo challenge is Yellow.  I remember buying this cookie jar for my mother at Castner Knott department store as a teenager in the 70s!   Gail ♥

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Dakota loves to sit in his favorite chair and watch squirrels and birds outside the window. Sometimes he even tries to carry on a conversation with the sparrows that land on the trellis just outside the window.   I would … Continue reading

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A Tweaking of the Christmas Crate Centerpiece

Last week I posted a picture of a Christmas centerpiece I made with an old wooden Coca Cola Crate.  It was unanimous that it needed some red berries or something red.  So I added the berries and replaced the pine … Continue reading

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Recently, Nugget still managed to make himself fit into the basket he used to play in as a small kitten.  He’s seven months old now.  It was a tight squeeze and he needed help getting out, but he fit!  Nugget is so … Continue reading

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A Rustic Christmas Crate Centerpiece

I tried my hand at a little Christmas creativity tonight (and creative I am not)!  My brother-in-law found this old Coca Cola crate at an antique store (which we discovered is actually a Pepsi Cola crate that someone spray painted … Continue reading

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