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Things I’m Loving These Days

1.  Coconut Oil and Coconut Manna I’ve finally made the switch from cooking with corn oil to coconut oil.  I’m one of those who loves coconut in everything and can eat the oil plain right out of the jar (coconut … Continue reading

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Valuable Lessons Learned in a Veterinary Neurology Ward

One of the scariest but most memorable rotations for me in veterinary school was small animal neurology.  Scary because the subject– neurology– was difficult in itself.  Scary because Dr. S, the neurology professor, had a reputation for being a pretty … Continue reading

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Fifteen Things I Miss Most About My Mother

It seems the older I get, the more I think about my mother, especially around Mother’s Day.  She’s been gone over 8 years now.  I was thinking about her while driving to the store today.  I have to be honest … Continue reading

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