New Toys Are Fun!

The kitties got a new toy yesterday–a FroliCat Rolo Rat.   It’s an automatic rolling rat that moves, scurries, and rolls in all directions.  It makes sounds, has flashing red eyes, and whips its tail in every direction.  They were a little timid of it at first, but it didn’t take them long to warm up to it.  Now they chase it, grab it, and pounce on it.  It’s quite entertaining to watch and it’s nice because the Rolo Rat works on carpet too and will automatically shut off after about 10 minutes to conserve the batteries.  003



Gail ♥

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I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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7 Responses to New Toys Are Fun!

  1. Relax... says:

    Awww, so cute! And I can’t believe how long-tailed that dark tiger is!

    • Gail says:

      I tell him he’s my ring-tailed lemur!

      • Relax... says:

        LOL! One couldn’t even design a better tail than that!

      • Gail says:

        True! Our creator is pretty amazing isn’t he? Dakota had a twin brother who was identical to him. The only difference was the the white tip on his tail was smaller than Dakota’s. Other than that they were identical. I almost took him too but he was VERY skittish and I was told he hissed a lot at people. Not a good sign in an 8 week old kitten. So I went with Nugget, the blonde tabby instead.

      • Relax... says:

        A perfect choice ! 😉 lol

  2. Marc-André says:

    Indeed they are hehe

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