The Adventures of a Yard Snowman

I’ve never been a fan of the inflatable Christmas yard decorations.  Sorry to those of you who display them and love them but I just don’t much care for them.   I like them okay at night when they’re shining in all their blazing Christmas glory.


But during the day?  It looks like a scene where either some hard partying occurred the night before or someone came by with a gun and massacred some poor Christmas characters.


photo by Mike Ball


photo by Mike Ball

Give me the old vintage blow mold Christmas decorations anytime over those inflatables. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m just a sucker for the old blow molds.  I’m still hitting myself in the head for donating two of my old jack-o-lantern blow mold decorations to Goodwill, especially when I see how much they’re going for on eBay these days!





These were so popular in the 1960s.  Several of our neighbors had them.  Ahh…. the memories!

Back in the earlier days of our marriage, my husband and I decided we wanted a snowman to adorn our yard for Christmas.  Meet Frosty.


Frosty has sat shining in our yard every Christmas for about 27 years now.  He’s as old as our first-born son.  The first year we sat Frosty out,  some jokester decided it would be fun to mess with him.  I was leaving the house early one Saturday morning on my way to work and driving down our driveway.  I got to the end of the driveway and was getting ready to pull out onto the road in front of our house when I noticed something amiss.  Across the street from our house are some woods.  The ground slopes at a sharp descent at the edge of these woods.  Peering up across the driveway over the curb, I saw Frosty’s little head and hat.  He was placed there obviously to be found by us.  I have to say it was rather humorous seeing Frosty’s cute little smile and his button eyes staring at me from the edge of those woods.  I did a double take to see if it was indeed “our” Frosty and yes, it was.  I retrieved him and put him back in his rightful place in our yard. I smiled, shook my head and went on my merry way.

A few mornings later, lo and behold, Frosty was missing again.  My eyes quickly scanned the edge of the woods across the street.  No Frosty. I started feeling sad for my little kidnapped snowman guy (and for myself) , when my eyes caught a white object across the street. There was our Frosty in the neighbor’s yard directly across the street from our house.  He was looking at me as if to say, “HERE I AM MOM!  COME AND GET ME!  I HAVE MISSED YOU!”  I went and retrieved Frosty once again and put him back in his rightful place.  We never knew who was doing this but always suspected it was some neighborhood teens just out to have some fun with our snowman.  I have to admit, it gave me a good laugh.  No harm in having a little fun, huh?

Several years passed and Frosty sat untouched at Christmas time in our yard.  The teenage jokesters grew up and moved away.  Then one morning several years ago, my husband walked outside to get the morning paper and his eyes met a terrible sight.  For several months we had had problems with a black Labrador Retriever in the neighborhood who loved to chew up our newspaper in the morning.  I guess the newspaper people got tired of us calling for a new paper, so they told us after the third incident, that they would bring a newspaper box and install it next to our mailbox.  It was a black rectangular metal box (similar to the one below) installed on a steel sign post.


Someone had pulled up the entire box and then came up in the yard and proceeded to use it to beat the snot out of poor Frosty.  Poor Frosty was laying several feet away, his light was blown, and he was cracked and dented.  The broken newspaper box lay on the ground beside him.  Looking at that, I was both angry and sad. We had also had several red Christmas bows tied to the banisters of our front porch and the brazen thugs had even walked right upon the porch and took every last one of them. Even the red bows on our mailbox and lamppost were gone.  Grinches.

I told my husband that maybe it was time to retire old Frosty and that we should just take him inside and keep him there, that perhaps his display days needed to come to an end.  I was disgusted that I couldn’t even have a blasted snowman in my yard.  My husband cleaned Frosty up a little and doctored his wounds.  We decided this Christmas snowman abuser was not going to win.  Our family decided to have a sense of humor about it all.  At the time, our boys were taking karate.  We sat at the dinner table one night and discussed tying one of their karate belts onto Frosty and attaching nunchucks to his little red mittens.  Maybe some sort of sign too?  Then we decided that we weren’t going to risk these not so inexpensive and very sentimental items getting stolen.  After all,those karate belts were hard-earned with a lot of blood, sweat and tears not to mention a whole lot of training.  We sure didn’t want to risk them getting stolen too. But we did put a brand new light (and brighter I might add) into Frosty and out he went again.  This time we put him right on our front porch, securing him to the banister and making it harder for the thugs to get at him again.

It has been many years and Frosty is back in the yard shining brightly  but will remain closer to the house.



Many of our family and friends know the story of our Frosty and just about every year, someone will call to ask us if Frosty made it through the year without getting assaulted. Frosty’s doing just fine thank you very much.  And let’s hope it stays that way.

Gail ♥

About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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