Guilty Pleasure

Today, while grocery shopping, I was bad.  Really bad.  I’ve spent the whole of 2017 watching what I eat and not indulging in sweets (granted that’s only been a month and a half but it feels like six months).  I haven’t even purchased sweets because I know if they’re in the house, I WILL EAT THEM!  But it’s been a hard few days with getting some not-so-good news about a family member’s health condition, accidentally kicking my cat hard right in the belly (I had no idea he had parked his little body right at my feet under the dining room table where I was sitting, so when I got up, I kicked him and man did I feel bad).  I also broke a favorite glass pig figurine in my kitchen (about the third one I’ve busted in a month’s time so my husband has been busy gluing pigs back together!) and somehow managed to knock down a few books on top of my book shelf which promptly caused a whole avalanche of books to go crashing to the floor.  My kitties were sleeping soundly nearby and now they need therapy.  We won’t even talk about stepping in the still-warm, slimy, gross hairball that one of my sweet boys left for me right outside the bedroom door.  Yes, while bare footed.

So when I passed the Marie Callender’s peach cobbler in the grocery store today, I couldn’t resist.  I was wanting and needing some comfort food in a bad way.


And with warm peach cobbler, one has to have vanilla ice cream.  Did you know Breyers has four different types of Vanilla Ice cream to choose from?  Yep, I stood there and counted while debating on which kind to get.  Decisions, decisions.  Breyers, why oh why do you do this to me?





I remember back in the days when I could walk into the store, go to the ice cream aisle, and there was just one type of Vanilla.  VANILLA.  That was it.  By the way, I went with the Extra Creamy Vanilla and it was yummy.

Then I passed the bakery section of the store and bought six Valentine’s cupcakes.


Looks like I will have some extra walking to do this week!

Gail ♥


About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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