Orange Blossom Special

This post is in response to the WordPress daily one-word prompt: Blossom

The first thing that came to mind when seeing the one-word prompt today was my senior year in high school.  During my high school years, I was in the marching band and an award-winning one at that.  We won the Tennessee State Marching Band Championship every single year I was in the band.  Fun days.

I was a majorette during marching season (played the trumpet during concert season) and loved every bit of twirling that baton.  I have happy, happy memories of those days in the band.  It was in this band that I learned all about hard work, discipline, dedication, persistence, determination, working towards goals, showmanship, defeat, good sportsmanship, etc.

Majorettes were phased out of the band after I graduated.  I hated to see that happen. You rarely, if ever, see majorettes anymore and when you do it’s mostly in college bands.  I was in the band when drum majors were called signal majors.

The band played Orange Blossom Special during the show my senior year.  While the band stood still and played Orange Blossom Special, the majorettes twirled to this unbelievably fast and difficult song.  I remember we had a really hard time coming up with a routine to twirl to this song.  But we had been to majorette camp that summer and learned some fun and sorta silly dance-type routines.  Little did we know we would ever use them but we adapted the routines to this fast version of Orange Blossom Special and it worked!  It was corny but it fit and the crowd loved it.  It turned out that the baton twirling instructor who had taught the routine at camp had been one of the majorette judges at a contest we went to that year and she recognized the routine and commented on the judges tape that she both recognized and loved what we had done with it.

I actually found a tape on YouTube of our performance at The Contest of Champions that year where we won the state championship.  Excuse the poor audio and grainy appearance… keep in mind this is from the 70s.  I was disappointed that the camera didn’t show the majorette routine and panned away to the band and the flag girls square dancing instead of showing our awesome routine that left us all huffing and puffing, but still, you gotta love the band playing this awesome rendition of Orange Blossom Special. Orange Blossom special is at time marker 4:15- 5:20 so skip the tape ahead if you wish.

Gail ♥

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4 Responses to Orange Blossom Special

  1. Relax... says:

    Wow! You guys were GOOD!! How cool is this clip?? 🙂

    • Gail says:

      Thanks! Fun memories. McGavock Band has a rich history and has won the Tennessee State Marching championship 24 times since it’s beginning in the early 70s. That’s quite an accomplishment! Parents used to send their kids to this school just for the band program.

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