Total Eclipse Experience

I grew up in Nashville, TN and now live in a suburb of Nashville so I was fortunate to be right in the path of totality and was able to experience the total solar eclipse from my own front yard.  My oldest son came home to view it with us. He’s an aerospace engineer so yep, he was TOTALLY into this and had anticipated it for a while!  He came bearing NASA-approved eclipse glasses for us all. Thanks son!


Hubby and son viewing the eclipse prior to totality.

This was a BIG deal here in Nashville and I’m now hearing reports that in downtown Nashville, a cloud appeared during totality and lot of people missed the corona. There was a big viewing at The Adventure Science Center in Nashville where LOTS of people gathered along with scientists, astronomers, etc. I heard it had been cloud-free all day, and right at totality a cloud moved right over the eclipse. How disappointing that must have been for all those people. I felt bad for them.

Here in our front yard, we saw it all. No cloud cover here and it was pretty amazing.

  • This was a very big event for Nashville. 1,000,000 traveled here to see the eclipse.  Hotels booked up months ago. And they weren’t cheap.
  • We witnessed the mysterious shadow bands that appear seconds before totality.  Scientists can’t really explain these and don’t know exactly what causes them but they were pretty awesome to see (they looked like shadowy waves on the ground).  For me, this may have been the best part of the eclipse.  A little eerie perhaps but very cool.
  • The darkness came quickly.
  • While it didn’t get totally dark, it was more like dusk and it was like seeing a 360 degree sunset.  DSCF8326
  • The street light at the end of our street came on.


  • Totality here lasted approximately 2 minutes.  It was something to experience.
  • The darkness came quickly and after totality the light returned rapidly.
  • The corona was spectacular! Even my husband got a little excited over seeing that!  I didn’t take any photos of the eclipse because I don’t have a fancy camera and had heard you needed a special filter anyway.  Here is a photo of what it looked like.

Photo credit:  Luc Viatour /


At totality the glasses get to come off!

  • There were reports that we would see odd behavior in our pets. People have asked if my cats went wacky.  No, no more than usual.  “Wacky” is normal for them. Actually, they didn’t seem phased. As we stood in the front yard just off our porch, they peeked out the front storm door. They were curious as always and wondered why their people were wearing strange, funny glasses. I think I may have seen them pointing and laughing at one point.  🙂DSCF8322
  • Despite reports that crickets would start chirping during totality, I did not hear any crickets chirping. People mentioned on TV about how the cicadas got loud during the eclipse. Here, the cicadas were noisy prior to the eclipse and during the eclipse. I think the birds did seem to quiet during the two-minute darkness.
  • People in Kentucky reported bats when the darkness came who were swooping at insects. We have lots of bats here that usually appear at dusk, but I didn’t notice any bats during the eclipse.
  • People were definitely celebrating here. I could hear loud “WOO-HOOs “even in our quiet little neighborhood. My sister said people were cheering and shot off fireworks where she lives not far from here.
  • The experts said to expect drops in temperatures. I really didn’t think we would see much of a difference with our heat and humidity.  I was wrong. The temperature dropped from 97 degrees to 90 degrees during the eclipse and you could definitely feel that it was cooler.

So that was my Solar Eclipse 2017 experience. It was my first and probably my last so I’m glad I got to witness it.

Gail ♥ 

About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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2 Responses to Total Eclipse Experience

  1. Wind Kisses says:

    This was interesting Gail. Fantastic capture of totality, but I admit I loved the photo of your cats. Made me laugh. Fun day for everyone today and the ultimate in Moonlight Reflections. I loved your added observations, like the bats. Have a good evening.

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