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Green Fluorescent Bumblebees Astonish Me

The other day I went out to admire my pink Azalea.  It was almost in full bloom and after last year I didn’t want to miss that.  Because last year, it rained on the same day it fully bloomed and … Continue reading

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Curious About the Word Cur

Personally, I’ve never heard anybody use the word “Cur” here in my part of the world (southeastern US).  I never heard the word used one single time while I was in veterinary school.  I first came across the word “Cur” … Continue reading

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God’s Elaborate Iris

When I first saw the daily prompt for today, I thought of the verb form of elaborate.  Like in adding details to something.  My mind was blank.  After yesterday’s rant, my heart was feeling heavy and I didn’t feel much … Continue reading

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Two Mass Shootings in My Beloved State of Tennessee in Seven Months and I’m Wondering if Anyone in Washington Even Cares?

I think I just broke some kind of record for the longest blog title I’ve ever written. I’m warning you that this blog post might be a little bit of a personal rant because I’m angry.  I’m angry, and sad, … Continue reading

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Those Vague Symptoms of Unwellness in Our Pets

When I was in my clinical year in veterinary school and actually starting to see real clients and their animals, almost always at the top of the pet’s medical chart were the initials CC.  CC = Chief Complaint.  It’s the … Continue reading

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Sunday Glory- Partake in Being Kind

We Must Be Kind (written by David Friedman and sung by Nancy LaMott) So many things we can’t control So many hurts that happen everyday So many heartaches that pierce the soul So much pain that won’t ever go away … Continue reading

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Monday’s Question

Thought I would combine Monday’s Question with the daily prompt: Crank Question:  Have you ever made/eaten homemade ice cream made with a hand crank ice cream maker? My Answer:   My family never owned a hand crank ice cream maker when … Continue reading

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Sunday Glory

  If you speak, you should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If you serve, you should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus … Continue reading

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Five Fiction Books I Could Read Again and Again

Some people don’t reread books. I’m one to read favorite books again and again. There’s something about rereading a book you love. It’s like meeting an old friend again. It’s fun to let the book take you away again, to … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Love is Never Forgotten

Today would have been my mother’s 92nd birthday. She died when she was 80 but it feels like yesterday. I miss her. I find myself wondering what she would look like at 92 and wonder how she would be getting … Continue reading

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