Just Passing the Time While Waiting on Spring

It was in the upper 40s when we went to bed last night. When we awoke this morning it had dropped ten degrees or so and was only in the 30s. Hubby and I didn’t want to get out of our warm nest but instead wanted to stay snuggled under our brightly colored red and blue plaid flannel sheets. They’re so cozy and warm.

“I think I’ll get up and make scrambled eggs and bacon,” I said to hubby. “I haven’t made them in so long and it seems I always end up having to throw out unused bacon because it reaches its expiration date.” That never was a problem when our sons still lived at home. My husband told me once that I make the best scrambled eggs. I laughed and told him I must have heard my father say that to my mother a half-dozen times or more. And I make my eggs just like she always made hers.

So I get out of that warm bed and cold shivers run down my body as my bare feet hit the cold wood floors. Two cats follow me into the kitchen and do figure eight patterns around my lower legs as I start frying bacon and scrambling eggs. The blonde one somersaults over my feet. They can’t fool me…. they’ve had their breakfast.



DSCF9066Hubby walks in the kitchen with a hooded sweatshirt on with hood up. I tell him he looks like the Unabomber. All he needs is sunglasses. He smirks. “Can it really be true that just a few days ago it was in the mid eighties and we had the air conditioner on?” he asks? It seems like a dream. “Will spring ever get here?” Hubby just shakes his head. He walks into the foyer where he cranks the thermostat up a notch. He’s in the middle of a six-day break from work and there’s no sign that the sun or even a remotely warm day is in sight during his six days off. He had envisioned sun-filled days doing spring-time yard work. Instead he gets gray, dreary, cold blustery days. And rain. Lots of rain.

I ask hubby if he wants a hot beverage– a joke between us that has a reference to Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. Hubby says no and I tell him, “It’s not optional.”  We laugh. (You Big Bang Theory fans out there will totally get that).


I warm iced cinnamon bread, butter it lightly, and put it on his plate. I know that will make him happy.

DSCF9068It looks like another night of watching movies. Last night I lit candles, turned out the lights and we watched The Same Kind of Different as Me. It was such a good movie and I cried buckets. Hubby had a lump in his throat and fought back tears. The night before that, it was Julia Roberts in Wonder. We decided every school aged child probably needs to watch that movie. Both movies sure tugged at my heartstrings and made me want to be a better person. I guess that’s just about always a good thing.

Gail  ♥ 

About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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4 Responses to Just Passing the Time While Waiting on Spring

  1. Julie says:

    So, how do you make your eggs?

    • Gail says:

      Nothing special Julie. I scramble the eggs with a fork, add about a teaspoon of milk (or Half and Half) per egg used (I don’t measure, just eyeball it), add 1-2 slices of American cheese (torn in pieces), teeny tiny amount of salt, and pepper. Drain most all the grease from the bacon and then pour in eggs and cook on low-medium heat, stirring until done. My mom cooked her eggs soft being careful not to brown them. That’s how we like them too. My dad cooked his harder and liked them brown.

      • Julie says:

        Thanks. I borrowed The Same Kind of Different as Me from the library the other day and fell asleep not even half way through it. It was due back the next day so I didn’t see how it middled or ended. Looks like I’ll have to borrow it again.

      • Gail says:

        After I watched it, I looked up some reviews and most weren’t all that favorable (I felt I was in the minority because I loved it). It got criticized in one review for having too many “issues” in it that make people uncomfortable- racism, homelessness, alcoholism, adultery, cancer, etc. Oh my….. I really didn’t get that. So movies can’t make people uncomfortable now? Good grief.

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