Green Fluorescent Bumblebees Astonish Me

The other day I went out to admire my pink Azalea.  It was almost in full bloom and after last year I didn’t want to miss that.  Because last year, it rained on the same day it fully bloomed and it rained for two days.  Within hours, my poor Azalea bush was beat to the ground and most of the blooms were history. I was sad.  It’s much too pretty to not even last a day in full bloom.  My husband laughs because every year I take pictures of my Azalea.  We must have 300 pictures of this silly little bush.  I’m no photographer and every year I tell my husband that the pictures never do it justice.  It’s not a very photogenic Azalea.  But every year I photograph it trying to capture its beauty.


My Azalea today


God’s work…. Isn’t He amazing to create such beauty???

As I stood there the other day admiring the lovely pink blooms, I heard a busy bumblebee.  He flitted from bloom to bloom and had so much pollen stuck to his chubby body that it made me laugh.  What made me stand there astonished though, was that he was bright green in color!  He glowed!  I held up my camera but Mr. Bumblebee was too busy to pose for pictures.  He may even have been just a little bit peeved that I was sticking my camera into his business and interrupting his work.  He wouldn’t stay in one place for long so he was very hard to photograph.

The photo I did get of him that wasn’t a total blurred mess, did not do him justice because I swear to you, that bumblebee was green.  A bright fluorescent green!  I thought I was seeing things and that my eyes were playing tricks on me.  I even took my glasses off and rubbed my eyes.  When I put them back on, that bee was still green!  I had never seen anything like it.  He showed up yellow in the photo and I don’t know why.

You’ll just have to trust me when I say that that bee was green.

DSCF9178 Gail 

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I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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2 Responses to Green Fluorescent Bumblebees Astonish Me

  1. Those Azaleas are glorious! Nothing like some dazzling color to brighten your day. Thanks!

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