Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

The prompt word today is “infect” and all that came to mind was this post I wrote several years ago. So here’s a reblog. It’s from my veterinary school days and it’s about a dog who was a patient of mine, and who I fell head over heels in love with, despite our rocky start. So feel free to educate yourself on Transmissible Venereal tumor in dogs.

Moonlight Reflections

Today’s daily prompt

Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?

I’ve never been one to break the law and I try hard to abide by rules.  My parents raised me to be honest and to always obey rules and I’ve pretty much done just that.  I’ve been called a goody-goody by more than one person, but that’s o.k.  I can think of worse things to be called.

As far  as breaking the law, I’ve had a couple of speeding tickets.  For both, I was doing around 42 mph in a 35 mph speed zone (oh the shame)!  I also got pulled over for running a red light which I did not deny to the police officer.  It was one of those situations where the light turned yellow when I was…

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About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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4 Responses to Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

  1. Wow. Great story Gail! I’m so glad you got to have him in your life for so long. It was meant to be. You’d think there’d be enough dogs already infected to study without actually causing a dog to be infected. I get it, but it feels horrifying to me.

    • Gail says:

      Yeah…. I get it too but still, it doesn’t make it any easier. Unfortunately, they went on to use another dog who had been a patient of mine (a very sweet fox terrier) and it broke my heart. I wanted to rescue her too…

      • (Sorry for the late reply. We lost electricity in a storm.) Ugh. Yet another reason why I couldn’t be a vet. I really don’t know how vets can walk the fine line of caring so much and being able to handle the daily losses. I couldn’t do it.

      • Gail says:

        There is a lot of loss in our profession, but fortunately, a lot of joy too!

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