Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

We welcomed the first day of fall yesterday with lots of much-needed rain.  It was a dark and dreary day with a steady hard rain all day and all night. We awoke to a drizzling rain this morning.  Our temperatures have been anything but cool.  So I say good riddance to summer.  It’s been a brutally HOT summer here with wicked humidity and I’ve plain and simply had enough of it and am ready for some cool fall weather!  Please remind me of this in a couple of months when my soul is enveloped by the iciness of dark winter days.  

My sisters and I just returned from a short trip to Northern Indiana to visit relatives and I’ll admit, this gal was looking forward to a welcome break from the heat and humidity.  But just our luck, Indiana was having a heat wave (thanks to Hurricane Florence) and it was hot but minus the humidity I’m used to so it felt so much more tolerable.  I love Indiana.  My father was born and raised in Churubusco, Indiana and I spent a lot of time in Indiana as a child and have fond memories there.

It was good to visit with relatives.  Our aunt we visited is 96 years old and we only see her once every few years.  She lives in what used to be the Blue Bell, Inc. factory in Columbia City, Indiana which was a leading manufacturer of Wrangler blue jeans.  The factory closed in the 1970s and was repurposed in 2017 to a senior apartment complex.  They kept the exterior of the building the same and along the walls inside the complex is a pictorial history of the Blue Bell factory.  It was very interesting and my aunt seems to like it there.

Blue Bell Lofts (85 of 108)(1)

We spent one day in Shipshewana (my second time there).  Shipshewana is a small town in Northeastern Indiana known for their predominantly Amish population.


photo credit: Crystal Huff on Unsplash


We went to the flea market there which is the Midwest’s largest with around 900 booths and shopped in some stores there. We ate lunch at the Breadbox Bakery and Cafe which was delicious.

I had a BLT wrap and a pumpkin walnut bar.  Both were delicious.

On the way home we went to E & S Sales which is an Amish Bulk foods store. It was Tuesday afternoon which I believe is a sales day so it was very crowded.  But this store had everything under the sun and some very unique items.  I loved the baking aisles!!  And I loved seeing all the Amish horse and buggies “parked” in the parking lot.

We saw lots and lots of pumpkins in Indiana.  I’m guessing it was a good year for pumpkins. I haven’t seen many here at home but it’s early.

pexels-photo-164158When we go to Indiana, we always visit the Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne which has one of the largest genealogical collections available in the United States.  My oldest sister is into Genealogy and though it’s not my thing, that is one neat library!  The library has a cafe, bookstore, theater, art gallery and an underground parking garage.  One could easily get lost inside that library…. It’s massive!

I’m pretty proud of myself for almost completing my summer reading list.  I was on my last book, which was Jane Eyre when I was in Indiana last week.  And wouldn’t you know I left the book in the hotel (I’m pretty sure it got wrapped up in the bed comforter).  So I went to the library yesterday to check out a copy there.  I saw a Jane Eyre DVD at the library too and checked that out also.  I started watching it last night and it’s more of a dramatization than a movie which is a little disappointing, but I’m watching it anyway.

One year ago  hubby and I were in New Orleans, Louisiana for our youngest son’s wedding.  So hard to believe he is already celebrating his first wedding anniversary!  Time flies.  He and his bride were celebrating with a steak dinner out last night and will be going on a cruise next week.

My oldest son is coming into town in a couple of weeks because he and I and one of my sisters have tickets to this:

downloadI’m beyond excited and feel like a teenager again.   There’s just something about his music that makes me want to dance.

I think I’m going to spend this week cleaning and then I’ll start hauling out the fall decorations.  Bring on the pumpkins and scarecrows!

I love autumn.



About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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11 Responses to Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

  1. Relax... says:


  2. Mary Mangee says:

    Dance away my friend. Sounds like you’ve been busy with a new energy presented by the expectancy of the falling leaves.

    • Gail says:

      Thanks Mary! Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year. After months of unbearable summer heat, I’m always ready for cooler weather, especially this year, since we went from winter weather right into summer. Spring weather bypassed us this year!

  3. misifusa says:

    Oh it all sounds delightful Gail! I love autumn too!!! Enjoy every moment with your son and happy anniversary to the youngest! What an upbeat and happy post! Thanks for making me smile!! xo

  4. Such a nice post Gail! I’ve wanted to go to Shipshewana for a long time to visit the model horse factory there. It’s a long way from Oklahoma though. You get to see Ed Sheeran in concert! Wow!! I love his music too. We watched him do a one-man show on the TV show “Austin City Limits”. It was incredible! Hope you have a great time!

    • Gail says:

      Thank you so much! I’m hoping to get the hubby to Shipshewana soon and spend a little more time there. I would love to go to the Menno-Hoff Center to learn more about the Amish and Mennonite lifestyle.

      I’ve heard Ed Sheeran is quite the entertainer so I’m pretty excited to see him in concert. I’ve heard he doesn’t travel with a band and it’s just him and his guitar. I think he’s quite talented! And he seems so humble!!

      • That’s interesting about Ed Sheeran. I didn’t know he always performs alone. On the show, he had a machine that he used and would program it during each song for the background music. It was really neat! I hope you tell us all about it when you get back. I for one would really love to hear about it!

      • Gail says:

        That’s interesting to know because I for one was wondering how he could pull certain songs off, like his song, Sing. I have a friend who went to see him a year or so when he was here in Nashville and she says he is fantastic. She’s going back to see him again.

    • Gail says:

      Oh, and I wasn’t aware of the model horse factory there but looked it up and that WOULD be fun to tour! Very interesting!

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