Hello…. It’s Been Awhile

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted here though it seems much longer.  I decided to put on some Ed Sheeran to see if I can rid myself of this blog paralysis, or whatever it is keeping me from having any desire to write.  Maybe with some Ed (and the aid of blog prompts), I’ll get back to writing on a more regular basis.

I’ll admit, when COVID hit, I was not able to focus.  I couldn’t even read and that is very unusual for me.  I wasn’t reading books and I wasn’t reading too many of the blogs I subscribe to.  I even lost my appetite for awhile. I lost 6 lbs.  I experienced an anxiety and a fear like I’ve never known before.  Gradually, I was able to get back to reading devotionals which were very helpful.  Then I began reading books again and blogs.  I knew I was doing better when I gained 3 of those 6 lbs. back.

I’m staying in for the most part.  I’m trying to order groceries for pick up only but have run to the store when I have to.  Staying home and sheltering in place just doesn’t bother me.  I love my home.  There’s plenty to do here and I got some extra cleaning done, went through and did some much needed decluttering of closets and drawers.  We’ve worked some puzzles, watched some movies, and walked in the neighborhood.  I’ve had a husband who just had surgery to care for.  I’ve been cooking a lot but that’s something I’ve always loved to do.

I was talking to my youngest son the other night on the phone and we were talking about what else?  COVID-19.  I’m sick of even saying the word.  I’m also sick of the words “social distancing” (and by the way not many people are doing it here and and that’s why our state is embarrassingly seeing a huge surge in cases).  There’s also not many people at all wearing masks here and that’s something I just will never understand.  It’s SO. VERY. SIMPLE.  Maybe it’s the veterinarian in me or that I’ve studied way too many zoonotic diseases.  But this girl is wearing a mask when she MUST go out.  It’s not about politics or republicans vs. democrats, or a president who does not want to be seen in public with a face mask on.  It’s about a very contagious and potentially deadly disease.  It’s about  staying healthy.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Anyway, my son and I were talking last week about COVID and he says to me, “I guess you’ve heard about the massive Saharan dust cloud heading our way?”

Wait…. what???? 

No, I had not heard about this Godzilla of a dust cloud.  My first thought was, “God, you’ve GOT to be kidding me.”  Because in 2020, our family has experienced:

  • the unexpected death of a very dear and beloved next door neighbor
  • learning my husband needed a hip replacement and him having to take medical leave from work due to pain
  • COVID-19
  • having that hip replacement cancelled twice due to COVID-19 (because yes, joint replacement surgery IS considered elective surgery
  • a deadly tornado in our community
  • a Derecho (which was every bit as scary as the tornado)
  • finally being told hubby could have his hip replacement and then hoping and praying we left the hospital unscathed by coronavirus
  • protests in our city that turned into rioting, burning, and looting
  • and NOW a massive dust cloud from the Sahara desert moving through our state this weekend

Yes, it’s been quite the year and it’s only half over.  

In other news, I released the bluebirds several weeks ago.  They were eating on their own and were getting more hesitant to take food from me which I considered a good thing.  They were drinking water on their own and were flying and perching very well.  I was ready to let them go but yet, I wasn’t.  It’s hard to explain.  They all flew off and never looked back.  And that hurt my feelings just a wee bit.  One came back to me after 2 days of freedom when I went out in the backyard and called for him.  He answered a couple of times and then flew to the ground and landed nearby.  I was over the moon ecstatic  to see him (he was my favorite – the biggest of the three, and I had named him Hitchcock).   He was a feisty little cuss.  He got his name by me telling him that if they ever did a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, The Birds, that I was going to audition him for the lead role and he would most definitely get the part.  Yes, I loved little Hitchcock.  That little bluebird stole a piece of my heart in a big way.  But he came back to me two days after I released him.  I realized he was in a very weakened state, and long story short, despite me going into avian lifesaving mode, he began having seizures and died in the palm of my hand an hour after returning to me.   Let me tell you, it felt like my heart got ripped right out of my chest.  I cried for days over that sweet little bird and I still get choked up when I think about him.  I tried SO very hard to save all three of those precious little birds.  I put them in God’s hands when I released them and prayed hard that they would survive and be able to find food and that God would take care of them.   I happen to believe that God has a purpose for everything, that His ways are always good, even though my fleshy self doesn’t always understand those ways.

I’m hoping the other two babies survived.  I like to think that they did because when I go out in the yard at dusk every night, there is a bluebird who answers me when I call out “Stinky birdies,” which is what I always said to them when I walked into the room to feed them.  Yes, the neighbors think I’ve lost it but I don’t care.  We’ve also seen a little bluebird on the swing set just outside our screened in porch and also on the flagpole a lot who seems to be interested in us and who doesn’t mind if we come too close.

They came a long way from this.

I found this mug online and I just love it.  I think I’ll order it.

Hubby is now five weeks post op and doing fairly well.  He graduated from the walker to the cane and is now off the cane.  He and I are both awaiting COVID-19 test results due to some very strange symptoms we’ve had.  We were tested Thursday and told it would be about a week to get the results back.  The nurse who swabbed us said the results may be back today but they didn’t come in.   We think they will be negative because we’ve been extremely careful.   But you just never know.  I told hubby if COVID doesn’t kill us, the fumes from all the Lysol and Clorox I’ve been disinfecting and cleaning with will.

Hubby will be going back to work in a few short weeks and since he’s an RN and works in a hospital, I would be lying if I said it didn’t scare me.  Two nurses, one tech, and about five patients have tested positive on his floor (that we know of).  Our state seemed to open up everything very early and bars, restaurants, hair salons, barbers, etc. are open and by the looks of things, you’d never know there was a global pandemic going on.  So yep, cases are ashamedly increasing here and I’m  not a bit surprised.  No one seems to care.  I’m tired of people telling me it can’t be that bad because they don’t know anyone who has had “it.”  I’m tired of people telling me this has been a big hoax.  Really????  Have they seen how many people have been infected?  And how many people have lost their lives to this virus?  I hear again and again that people are tired of staying in and so they are going to live their life and enjoy it and if God wants them to get coronavirus, then so be it.   All I can do is just shake my head and try to keep my eyeballs from rolling right out of my head.  My oldest son was flabbergasted at people here who said they are wearing a mask this weekend when going out because of the dust cloud, but those same people haven’t been wearing one due to COVID!  Is anyone else besides me confused about that?

Hope you all are doing well.  Stay safe.  I’ll do the same but it seems that’s becoming increasingly harder to do, at least in Tennessee that is.


About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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9 Responses to Hello…. It’s Been Awhile

  1. Relax... says:

    Wow. ! What a 2020 YOU folks are having! And how sad that Hitchcock came to spend his last hours with you, and yet, how is that not a gift?

    I looked up the meaning(s) of bluebirds, and they signal (among much else — all good) a coming time of new abundance/a time of transitioning to something new and wonderful. (I paraphrased.)

    I sure hope it proves true for you. Prayers for you and your husband. Hang in there. It’s weird, but it’s still life, there’s still joy and peace, there’s still a future. ❤

    • Gail says:

      Thanks. Looking back, I now know that taking care of those little bluebirds kept me SO busy and in many ways, took my mind off of all the bad going on in the world. They were a much needed distraction. Yes, Hitchcock coming back was a gift. I think he knew he was dying and he wanted to be with his mommy when he passed. Still broke my heart though and I was a little angry at God for a while but I got over it. I think He understood.

      Thanks for the uplifting comment. Hope you are well.

      • Relax... says:

        It’s a strange time indeed. I was scared and fiunkish for a while even without the personal woes and lingering coldness. Up here, though, we’ve had the most amazingly good May and June weather — and now, right up to 9 p.m. It helps so much. We’re all fine, thank God, and thank you.

      • Gail says:

        Good to hear that. Enjoy that nice weather!

  2. It’s good to hear from you Gail! I know how you feel about losing your ambition to post on your blog. This was a great post, albeit a roller coaster ride. I was so happy to hear about the birds going off on their own and so horrified that one came back & died. I can’t help but wonder why God decided to put you through that, but He has His reasons. I guess that little bird needed just a little bit more from you than the rest.
    We’re having the same problems here with the Covid… people not paying attention or downright ignoring safety procedures. It’s irritating.
    I hope things get better for you! I’d love to hear some funny vet stories, if you have some and you’d like to share. We could all use a laugh. 🙂

    • Gail says:

      Thanks! Good to hear from you too. I’m sorry to hear that people there are ignoring safety procedures too. I don’t understand humans sometimes. This virus has brought out the worst in people. I learned how selfish people can be. I hope it will all be over soon but I fear the people out running around acting as if nothing is going on, are going to prolong it for the rest of us. My husband said he doesn’t see us eating out in a restaurant for the next two years. He’s probably right.

      • It’s been a long time since we ate in a restaurant. BTW, I forgot to mention that we’ve been experiencing that dust storm for a few days now. It’s so thick sometimes that you can look at the sun & not blink. Really windy too, even for Oklahoma.

      • Gail says:

        It was maybe a little hazier here but nothing hugely noticeable (that I could tell anyway). We have had some windy days here too. I’ve had a terrible cough and tried not to get outside to aggravate it with the dust! It rained yesterday and is raining now and they say rain brings the dust down from the atmosphere and closer to us where it causes more problems. And I thought rain would be helpful in washing it away! Stay safe!!

  3. misifusa says:

    Oh my goodness Gail! What a year it’s been for you! I’m sending a big hug and gratitude that you’ve made it thus far through all of these trying and scary things! As for the baby birds, well, my heart just broke when I read about Hitchcock and tears welled up in my eyes. You’re such a good person…and a great vet. He must have known you would be there for him and in his last moments, he wanted to be loved. God bless Gail. I’m so glad you shared the story with us…although I have to go get a tissue now…but in a good way…heartfelt and isn’t that what we need more of in these uncertain times? xo

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