Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere!

This has been the year for spiders.  Lately, I have noticed these sheets of thick webs on everything.  We find their webs all over now…. on our front porch, on our screened-in porch and most recently, even on our shutters on the front of the house.  That was a first.  The spiders are nowhere to be seen, just the sheets of webbing which are white and very thick.  We knock them down but by the next day, they’re there again.  I pointed out the webbing on the front of the shutters to my husband.   I told hubby it looks like the Munsters or the Addams family lives here.  After he looked and was amazed as I was, he commented that he would go retrieve the long handled cobweb duster (Webster) and remove the webs.  I told him we could always just leave them up for Halloween decorations.  🙂

So he went to work knocking down the webs.  There was a garden spider who had built her very large web at one end of the porch. “DON’T KNOCK HER DOWN,” I warned.  “She will be my fall entertainment,”  I said with a grin.  Hubby just rolled his eyes.  That day, the garden spider, who I aptly named “Morticia,” caught a katydid.  She hugged it close for 48 hours, then finally cut it out of her web, where it now lays among a pile of other shells of bugs she’s feasted on.  Last night she caught a rather large moth.  She zapped it and then spun it in her silk.  I guess she was saving it for breakfast today.  How I love to watch these eight legged creatures… they are just fascinating to me.

Meet Morticia, enjoying her katydid

We just got a new Sony camera and I am still learning to use it.  This was the first picture I took with it. 

The other day on the news, I heard that it is not unusual to start seeing spiders in your house this time of year.  I always do find a few spiders in the fall and always just assumed they were coming in the house since our nights are starting to get cooler.  According to the news reporter on TV, that is a misconception, and he said this is the time spiders breed and these spiders we see coming into the house are just about always males who are on the move in search of female spiders to mate with.  It wasn’t 24 hours after seeing that on TV that a rather large brown spider was scurrying down my hallway up against the baseboard.  My cats will just about always hunt them down and terrorize them before I can even find a shoe to do the dirty deed myself.  Sorry spiders, but you best take your breeding business outside.


About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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2 Responses to Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere!

  1. Ah! The garden spider chronicles! I think the darn wasps got all of mine before they got very big. We spray that Home Defense stuff in and around the house. It kills everything before it gets in the house. We have a LOT of fiddleback spiders around here.

    • Gail says:

      Something got this garden spider Thursday night along with every other spider on that porch. She was out there at around 6 pm when it was starting to get dark and two hours later, she was gone and I haven’t seen her since. I’m guessing it was maybe some sort of lizard but I really have no idea.

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