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Keeping Pets Safe at the Holidays

Here’s a good veterinary handout (click on the link below) from the ASPCA for keeping pets safe during the holiday season.  These are more common than you might think. Keep pets safe during the holidays   Gail ♥ Advertisements

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Little Snoops

My cats are worse than two little kids as far as snooping at Christmas time. Sigh.  Yes, I buy our two cats a Christmas present every year.  They both have stockings that hang on the mantle with the rest of … Continue reading

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Synchronized Cat Napping!

I found my sweet boys napping on the Loveseat tonight.  I love napping kitties and love to photograph them (but obviously haven’t learned to do it without waking them).  Here they are. After taking their picture, I went to put … Continue reading

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Fish Taco Cat Toys

Target has some great cat toys (at least my cats think so anyway).  Today I stopped at Target after a doctor’s appointment. I saw these.  I don’t know why they made me laugh.  Fish tacos. Had to get them. They … Continue reading

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Why You’re More Likely To Hit a Deer This Time of Year

I drove to my sister’s and brother-in-law’s house at dusk tonight to take them dinner.  As I was leaving my neighborhood, five deer crossed in front of my car.  They often cross in this area of the road, so I’ve … Continue reading

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Mr. President

My niece is home for fall break from vet school.  She dresses her cat up for Halloween every year.  I do believe Sabu Henry (how cute is that name?) has more clothes than I do.  Last year, he was a … Continue reading

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Dental Tarter in Pets

I hope you will bear with me while I step up on my soapbox for just a bit concerning a veterinary topic that is important to me– Dental tarter and teeth cleanings in pets. I know you’ve probably at one … Continue reading

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