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On Waiting at the Doctor’s Office

I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor this past Monday.  It is about a 45 minute to an hour drive (depending on traffic) to get to my doctor’s office.  He’s worth it.  I’ve gone to this doctor for many … Continue reading

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Why I Despise Calling Doctor’s Offices

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems that dealing with the medical profession is so much more frustrating now than it used to be. I feel I’m constantly trying to jump through hoops to accomplish anything– to … Continue reading

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Reservations About Venturing Out During Cold and Flu Season

I don’t consider myself a germophobe by any means. But I do try to be careful and take special precautions this time of year, during cold and flu season. Does anyone else have reservations about going out in public this … Continue reading

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And 2018 Begins…. With a Kidney Stone!

My husband has had four kidney stones. Which prompted me to write this post a few years ago about why I hope I never have a kidney stone. January of 2014 started out with my husband getting a kidney stone, and … Continue reading

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Waiting For the Smoke to Clear

This past Friday, I decided I would get out and knock out some more Christmas shopping.  Right before leaving the house, I noticed my left eye felt a little scratchy, sort of like your eye might feel if you have … Continue reading

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Those Pesky Eye Floaters

I developed eye floaters in my right eye when I was 25 years old and a student in veterinary school. I was having outpatient surgery (totally unrelated to my eyes) and lying on a hospital cot staring up at a … Continue reading

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To Carry His Word in My Heart

It was a cold, gray blustery day in January when I found myself heading across town for an MRI of my brain and internal auditory canals.  The previous day I had been to an ENT doctor for persistent sinus congestion, fever, sore … Continue reading

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