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Saying Goodbye to Blogging

I’m coming here to say that after thinking long and hard, I’m pretty sure I’m saying goodbye to blogging.  It’s not what I want by any means.  It’s been fun but I’ll be very frank and tell you that I’m … Continue reading

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Yes, Even More Pigs in the Kitchen!

Those of you who know me, know I love pigs.  I always used to say when I grew up I would have a pig-themed kitchen.  Well, I have, and I do.  And I love my pigs!  I’ve written two blogs … Continue reading

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More Pigs in the Kitchen

Last August I wrote a blog about how much I love pigs and featured my kitchen, which is decorated with a pig theme (yes, my kitchen has gone to the pigs).  Every now and then, I see a pig that I just can’t … Continue reading

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For the Love of Pigs

I have always loved pigs.  I could never resist their cuteness… and the funny little snorts and grunts they make.  When I was a teenager, I applied for a job as an animal keeper in the petting zoo at Opryland Theme Park.  I wanted that … Continue reading

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