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Backyard Wildlife

Yesterday, while getting dinner ready, I happened to look out my kitchen window while washing my hands at the sink.  Our backyard slopes upward and at the top of our yard to the right are some woods.  I called my … Continue reading

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This post is in response to the WordPress one-word daily prompt: Swarm I remember a time many years ago when my children were small and the periodical cicadas emerged from the ground in droves.  I think it may have been … Continue reading

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Mimosa Tree

Today’s WordPress one-word daily prompt is: Tree If I had to name my favorite tree, I would have to say it is the Mimosa tree.  We had a few in both the front and the backyard of the home I … Continue reading

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Fire Flies Alive and Well in Tennessee

I grew up calling them lightning bugs, but they’re synonymous with fireflies. I realized last night that living in the south all my life and seeing these critters year after year has made me take them for granted.  I almost don’t notice … Continue reading

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Fire in the Sky

It was for the most part a rainy day here but cleared in the late afternoon to give us a spectacular sunset.  God’s glory in all it’s magnificence! Gail ♥

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Black Widow Spiders

Several years ago, I was outside talking to an elderly neighbor man.  Somehow we got on the subject of spiders and he mentioned to me that our area, i.e., our neighborhood, had an abundance of black widow spiders (not what … Continue reading

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