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I Wonder…..

Times are a changin’ people. Recently when I went to a new doctor, I was given the usual “stack” of forms to fill out (except it was all done electronically on one of the wireless PhreesiaPads like this): There were … Continue reading

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Meaningful Words

One of the  important aspects of our relationship is that neither of us needs to be always right, or always strong, or always smart, or always first. We have enough confidence in ourselves and  trust in each other that we … Continue reading

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A Recent Date Night

Since becoming an Empty Nester a few years ago, I decided one of the things I wanted to do was have regular date nights with hubby.  We needed and wanted to get the focus back on our marriage relationship after raising … Continue reading

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Two days ago my husband and I had our 28th wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe. Someone asked me if it seemed like 28 years.  Sometimes it does, other times it seems like only yesterday.  Time flies. I try to make … Continue reading

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A Love Story

As a blogger, I love to read other blogs.  I’ve found this can be very addicting and I’m always amazed at the number of very talented writers out there in the blogosphere.  Today, I’ve read many posts about Valentine’s Day.  Ahhhh…. February … Continue reading

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Refeathering the (Almost) Empty Nest: Dating Each Other…. Again

A high priority for both my husband and me as we soon begin our life as empty nesters, is to start “dating” again.  The last 22 years of our marriage has been centered around parenting our two sons.  It’s time to … Continue reading

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