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Southerners and Snow

Twice lately, I’ve read comments by northerners about how southerners can’t drive in the snow.  I tire of this every year.  These type comments always tends to rub me the wrong way.  I don’t feel they completely understand our conditions … Continue reading

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Rain Rain Go Away

The “weather people” are saying we’ve had 13 1/2 inches of rain since February 1st.  That’s a whole lot of rain folks!  We even broke a 139 year rain record for this area.  I’ve lived in Tennessee all my life, … Continue reading

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It’s April in Tennessee!

I just watched the weather on the 6 pm news and the meteorologist said to expect the gamut of everything over the next few days. She said this is very typical of April in Tennessee. Today it was sunny and … Continue reading

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Teddy the Porcupine Eating a Frozen Banana

It’s hot out there today folks! The heat wave continues… I just heard our temperature—96 degrees with a heat index of 109.  And I believe it. Teddy knows how to stay cool on hot days.  I love this porcupine! Gail ♥

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Cool Crisp Nights

This post is in response to the WordPress one-word daily prompt: Crisp I’ve lived in the US Southeast nearly my entire life.  I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and my parents moved to Tennessee when I was just 11 months … Continue reading

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Sometimes The Storms of Life Teach Us The Most Valuable Lessons

This past Wednesday, on April 27, 2011, the south was ravaged by tornadoes.  As is always the case when storms are predicted, I was glued to the TV.  We had heard for days how severe these storms would be – storms that could bring … Continue reading

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