Keeping Pets Safe at the Holidays


Here’s a good veterinary handout (click on the link below) from the ASPCA for keeping pets safe during the holiday season.  These are more common than you might think.

Keep pets safe during the holidays



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Little Snoops

My cats are worse than two little kids as far as snooping at Christmas time.


Yes, I buy our two cats a Christmas present every year.  They both have stockings that hang on the mantle with the rest of the family stockings.  This year, they’re each getting a new ceramic food bowl, and a bag of Temptation cat treats and some fresh organic catnip in those stockings.  I also ordered them this.


They love, love, love, track toys.

They already have this toy which is a favorite.

91R1o0oBKFL._SL1500_ (1)


And this toy.


They play with these every single day.  Every. Single. Day.

So I knew for Christmas, I was getting them another track toy.   Indoor cats need lots of enrichment and so I put these toys in different rooms.  I found the figure eight track on Amazon and I ordered it.  I like that it can be snapped into different patterns.  It was delivered several days ago.

81H-kK1Jp8L._SL1500_    71Hhk-BPWsL._SL1500_


I’m done with my shopping but have yet to wrap any presents.  Every gift I’ve bought now sits on my dining room table.  You can’t see the top of my table for all the sacks.  The larger Christmas gifts I’ve purchased sit on the living room floor, including the blue cat track toy.  It’s in a box which sits inside another cardboard box.

I keep my cats out of the living room and dining room away from the gifts, but the other night, they managed to get a paw through a crack in the French doors and in they went.  I was busy cooking dinner so was clueless that my little sneaks had gone exploring.  I’m sure they were like two toddlers at Christmas time when they discovered all the new boxes and sacks. They’re partners in crime.



DSCF5321When I so rudely surprised them in the living room, they had discovered their new toy!  They had opened the flaps of the cardboard box it was in and were perched on each side of that box, coveting its contents.  I couldn’t believe it.  “Y’ALL ARE WORSE THAN KIDS,” I told them.  They looked at me with  guilty pleasure at first, and then a look that said, “C’mon Mom, let’s play with it!” Believe me, they were excited!


Of all the boxes they could have opened, it just HAD to be this one.  No surprise for them this Christmas!

It reminded me of a Christmas memory when I was a child in the early 70s.  Our family had a German Shepherd named Baron.  My dad dearly loved country ham and so my mother had purchased one for him, placed it in a thick cardboard box and gift wrapped it.  She put a big shiny bow on the package and placed that country ham under the Christmas tree.  Then she left to go to the Hair Salon.  When she arrived back home a couple of hours later, Baron was laying under the Christmas tree, had chewed through the gift wrap and the cardboard box, and was in absolute heaven gnawing on one corner of that country ham!  Thankfully my mother had caught him just as he had started feasting.  My mother always said that the dog had a smile on his face when she walked in on him eating that ham.

Do your four-legged friends snoop at Christmas time?  Has your cat ever climbed the Christmas tree?  Have your pets ever opened any presents?  Please feel free to share any Christmas pet stories in the comments below.  

Merry Christmas!



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Tennessee Christmas

The only Christmas for me.


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Sunday Glory


photo credit: Greyson Joralemon- Unsplash

All praise to Thee, Eternal Lord, clothed in a garb of flesh and blood, choosing a manger for a throne.  Martin Luther


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When Death Came and it Felt Holy


Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of my mother’s death.  I never fail to think about her on that day and as much as I don’t want to, I always seem to end up reliving that night of  her death.  I sometimes wonder if her death anniversary will ever get easier.  After all, it’s been 12 years!  I think with more time, it will.  The night my mother died, I was spending the night alone with her in the Alive Hospice Residence where she had spent the last several weeks of her life.

Losing a loved one at Christmas time is particularly hard. 

I wrote a ten part series at the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 which told the story of my mother’s cancer journey.  It was difficult to do in many ways, but I wanted to write about it and I’m convinced that writing about it was tremendously healing for me.  In part nine and part ten, I wrote specifically about her death and my feelings after.

I’ve posted about her death previously and how when she was drawing her final breaths, her most favorite Christmas song of all times, O Holy Night, was playing softly on the radio.  I could never express in words how that felt.  Though I was losing my mother at that very moment and the sadness was overcoming me, at the same time, I felt very privileged and blessed to have experienced such a holy moment.  My sisters and I had heard our mother say many, many times, how much she loved that song and how it was her favorite Christmas song.  Who could have ever guessed it would be playing at the exact time of her death?  I know in my heart, it had to have been a comfort to her. And it was a blessing for all of us.  Needless to say, my sisters and I had O Holy Night played at her funeral and our tears flowed.

Since that night, in the still quiet of the Hospice Residence where I witnessed my mother’s soul go into the arms of Jesus, the song O Holy Night, has a whole new meaning for me.


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Synchronized Cat Napping!

I found my sweet boys napping on the Loveseat tonight.  I love napping kitties and love to photograph them (but obviously haven’t learned to do it without waking them).  Here they are.

DSCF0142After taking their picture, I went to put the camera back in its rightful location in the bedroom.  I walked back into the den and had to do a double take, because this is what I found.  Keep in mind, I was gone from the room only about 2 minutes.

DSCF0145Oh how these two make me smile.  Bless their sweet little hearts.


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Sunday Glory




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