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Birthdays in July… and That Means Cake!

My husband and I joke when July gets here that cake season has begun.  There’s often    cake for the Fourth of July celebration.  Hubby’s birthday is exactly a week later which is today, July 11th.  My birthday comes six … Continue reading

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Virtual Coffee #2

If we were having coffee today, I’d invite you in out of the oppressive heat and humidity and ask you to have a seat in the cool air-conditioned house and probably explain (and even whine a little) about how we can’t … Continue reading

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Birthday Girl

Today is 7/17/17.  It is also my 58th birthday. I was born 58 years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio. Weighing in at 6 lbs. 5 oz. and 18 inches long, my mother used to get irritated when people would refer to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to My Husband

Today is my hubby’s 58th birthday.  He was born exactly 6 days before I was.  About the time his mother was bringing him home from the hospital fifty-eight years ago, my mother was going into the hospital to have me. … Continue reading

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Happy 22nd Birthday Son!

Dear Son, My mind just can’t seem to grasp the fact  that you are really 22!  Wasn’t it just yesterday that the obstetrician laid you on my belly right after proclaiming, “It’s a Boy!!” and then gently guided your dad … Continue reading

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The Empty Pastel Pink Baby Book

Today is my birthday.  And I woke up with a birthday headache that seems to be wanting to hang around for the entire day and night. I’ve never been one to hide my age or live in fear of revealing … Continue reading

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Ramblings From the Past Month…. or so

About a month and a half ago, I went on a huge decluttering rampage.  I was plain and simply sick of the clutter.  I constantly am amazed at how much “stuff” a family of four accumulates in such a short amount of time.  … Continue reading

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21 Years Ago

As long as I can remember, I always wanted children, always wanted to be a mommy.  Graduation from college came, then marriage, a career, and finally it was time to start a family.  I couldn’t wait.  Getting pregnant didn’t come as easy as I … Continue reading

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