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Remembering a Genuine Friend

Back in the early 1990s, a veterinarian came to work at the clinic I worked at (he actually was hired to fill in for me while I was on an extended maternity leave but was later hired on full-time).  Prior … Continue reading

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Monday’s Question

Question:  What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?  The last thing that made you cry?   My Answer:   I was watching my kittens, Nugget and Dakota, today (actually they just turned a year old so technically, … Continue reading

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Bats (The Flying Mammal Kind)- Part 3- The Vampire Bat

Yes, there really IS a Vampire bat.  And he’s perhaps the most misunderstood bat of them all!  No, Vampire bats don’t turn into Dracula or any other Hollywood-depicted evil creature.  They do, however, drink the blood of other animals, usually large animals like horses, … Continue reading

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Bats (The Flying Mammal Kind)- Part 1

I grew up like most people, thinking bats were creepy, scary, disease carriers and something to be genuinely feared.  I thought most carried rabies.  I didn’t ever try to learn anything about them, nor did I care to.  I have since … Continue reading

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