Spring/Summer Cleaning

I think I’ve probably mentioned a time or two since starting this blog that I’m not the best housekeeper, nor do I enjoy cleaning house.  I just don’t.  I take after my mother in that regard.  I struggle with clutter and therefore organization.  My husband and I are constantly in awe at how much “stuff” we’ve accumulated in our almost 26 years of marriage.  Our once bare basement that our children could once happily skate and ride their bikes in, is so full of clutter that we are lucky to be able to walk in it now.  It’s pretty bad.  And much of it is just that – CLUTTER!  It’s stuff that needs to be thrown away, given away, sold at yard sales, donated to charity, or just reorganized.  I’m determined to get at least the basement done before the end of the year.  Sometimes I walk down there and look around and think “Where do I start?”  I admit I have gotten so overwhelmed with knowing where to start, that I sometimes just want to go curl up in a fetal position and forget all about it.  But this year, I’m bound and determined to get it done!  This year has 7 more months left in it, so by gosh, June is the month I’m starting on it. 

I’ve accumulated quite a little library on the subjects of decluttering, organizing and cleaning.  So I’m set.   These are three of my favorites from Don Aslett.  I love his humor and honesty!  I’m still reading Clutter’s Last Stand and I’m learning a lot.  I read the other two many many years ago but I have the feeling I will be referring back to them frequently… definite re-reads.  If you’ve never read a Don Aslett book, I highly recommend that you do! 

 Here’s two more of my favorites on decluttering.  The New Messies Manual is excellent!!  It teaches the reasons we hang on to clutter.  I’ve learned from reading it that I’m a “perfectionistic messie.”  The house may be a wreck, but the perfectionistic messie decides to clean the oven.  And that oven is cleaned well and perfectly.  Even though no one sees the inside of the oven, the perfectionistic messie housekeeper feels pride in knowing that the oven is clean.  “Here indecisiveness is cloaked in the guise of perfectionism.”  That’s me.  Sometimes, if I can’t clean everything perfectly, the way I want it, then I choose not to clean at all.  This drives my husband CRAZY!!!  I’m also a sentimental messie.  Every scrap of work brought home by my kids in preschool, kindergarten and the early grade school years was precious to me.  I couldn’t part with it.  I kept it all and stored it in plastic storage containers (which are now stacked in the basement collecting dust).  Throwing away their school work was like throwing away their brains and all their hard work.  Sentimental messies keep shells found at the ocean because those shells are usually associated with good memories and if we throw those shells away, we are throwing away our valuable memories.  Sound silly?  Maybe it does to some, but I have characteristics of both the sentimental messie and the perfectionistic messie.  There are tactics to dealing with both that I’m working on. 

These three look promising although I haven’t gotten too far into any of them.  The dummies manual has a lot of good cleaning tips in general.  I just bought Clean Your House & Everything In It on e-bay for a great price and am eager to read it. 

The last three books are more for organizing which I will be working on AFTER the decluttering phase.  I have read a lot of the House Works book and it has been very helpful.  I love the author’s website:  http://organizedhome.com/  It is wonderful and has a lot of helpful advice and printables.  I have been working on a Household Notebook (or Home Management Binder) for a while now and have used a lot of the printables from this website.  I’m hoping once I finish it and actually use it, it will get me a little more organized! 

The last one is a notebook I keep in my kitchen, called Making A Home:Housekeeping for Real Life by Better Homes and Gardens.  It has suggestions in it for cleaning and organizing every room as well as information on etiquette and entertaining.  It has a great resource section in it complete with websites, etc.  Looks really good although I haven’t had a chance to peruse it like I want.  


I learned real quick that the organizing and cleaning aren’t going to happen until the decluttering takes place.  I’ve been working on the upstairs some little by little and will continue working on it along the way.  I know my clutter didn’t build up overnight, so I’m not going to be able to get rid of it overnight.  I have to be realistic.  I’m going room to room and slowing making a dent AND I’m getting much much better at throwing things away.  I’ve decided this blog will be one way to motivate me and hold me accountable.  I know no one cares about seeing my clutter or hearing about my days spent cleaning out the kitchen pantry or my linen closet or under my kid’s bed.  But I’ve decided each day, I will try to carry out one decluttering or organizing/cleaning project and will post a short blog about it.  There may even be before and after pics (if I can get my courage up).  These projects may be something simple like choosing a random drawer in the kitchen and decluttering it or cleaning out the glove compartment of my car, or even cleaning out my purse.  OR it might be something a little bigger like tackling an entire closet, or going through and purging and reorganizing book shelves.   My goal is not to bore you with my cleaning details but to hold myself accountable on this blog and get these jobs done!  And if I motivate any of you to do the same and join me, then all the better!  Wish me luck…  SPRING CLEANING HERE I COME!!!!! 

Gail ♥


About Gail

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, veterinarian, and wanna be writer. I love nature and animals of all kinds, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.
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5 Responses to Spring/Summer Cleaning

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I’m actually really hopeful that reading about your endeavors might inspire me! I really like getting rid of stuff and make it a point to hit Goodwill a few times a year, so most of the messiness doesn’t have to do with my clutter but with me . . . oh, how do I put this? It’s probably best described as me throwing up my hands about all the clutter Ba.D.’s brought with him. If I clear up space A, it’ll be filled with new stuff within a week. Same for space B, C, D, etc. Rather than fretting about it, I decided I should accept it and focus my attention elsewhere. This suits me 98% of the time, now that I’ve had time to adjust, but it drives me bonkers the other 2% of the time!

  2. Gail says:

    I think I understand what you are saying. And good for you for making it a point to visit Goodwill. I’m bad about putting things in a sack with intentions to drop it off at Goodwill but I never seem to make it and I must have a dozen or more sacks around here with “Goodwill” written on them! The clutter robs me of energy and emotionally drains me because I’m always thinking about it or thinking about how I really need to get rid of it. I’m so tired of it. I’ve made a goal to make a Goodwill run once a week, especially when I start on the basement. Hoping that’s not too unreasonable- right now I don’t think it is but we’ll see! As always, thanks for reading and commenting Deborah!

  3. Indie says:

    Do I need to come over to your house and start hauling out your stuff? I’ll warn you though. I’m not at all sentimental and you might find it all gone within a few days.

    By the way, I found that subscribing to the Flylady emails helped me several years ago when I was having a real problem with this sort of thing. I’m a little more laid back than that crazy lady, but it helped at the time.

    • Gail says:

      Indie, I’m afraid I would have to hurt you if you started hauling my stuff off! HA! Just kidding! And to be honest, I have tried Flylady but had to unsubscribe to her site as I was overwhelmed with the dozens and dozens of e-mails she sent daily!! She was giving me too much e-mail clutter! Really! I couldn’t stand it. While I think she has some good ideas, her site is a little “too busy” for me and I don’t think it’s the method for me. I have used some of her ideas though which were helpful.

      • Indie says:

        I totally understand. That woman is a little (or a lot) crazy. I had to unsubscribe too. But it did help me get started. She made me so mad at one point because she insisted that we wear shoes all day long inside our house because something crazy might happen like needing to run out into the street to save a stray toddler from a car. I dare say, I think I could tear my bare feet up in such an event.

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